Sunday, January 29, 2012

Road to recovery, reclaiming self.

I went to the doctor on Friday morning.  Diagnosis is that I probably strained my achilles.  Due to the weird foot problems, with it being a little paler, I did have an ultrasound to rule out a possible blood clot.   Recovery is resting it, stretching and pain ointment. 

As of Friday afternoon I was stretching my foot and ankle more during the day. Friday night I was able to bend the toes more and by Saturday morning I was able to curl my toes again and flex the foot toward my shin.

The back of the calf still hurts, and I know I just need to keep stretching it and doing more activity with the foot, ankle, calf, etc. 

Saturday I didn't do the 18 miles that I was suppose to. Oh, no, I didn't.  I went to the gym and did just over a mile at a 5% incline.  The foot started feeling a little odd then, it was *really* hot in the gym and I decided to head home.   The MIKE and I went for a four hour car ride to pick up his bike, I visited "the Cheese Cave" which was across the street and got my fix for the 6 year cheddar cheese which is oh so goood.  We went then to Northfield, MN, it was the first time there for both of us.  Our mission, visit the Food CO-OP where the bike shop owner's wife works. It is an AWESOME health food store.  Lots of products we've seen and many we haven't.  I picked up more Beeler's quarter ham, as it's hard to find in our area, with the intent to slice and freeze for easier use.  Also scored some tiny cans of coconut milk, which will come in handy when a recipe calls for part of a whole can. 

Dinner was Culver's--cheddar burger and side salad for me, chicken breast sandwich and soup for Mike.  

Mike drove home and we met up with a fellow cyclist along the highway for exchanging bike parts. I'm sure anyone passing by on the roadway probably wondered what people were doing off the main road.

Today, Sunday, I awoke with a huge migraine, did  household things around the house and then rode my bike for an hour, hooked up to a back wheel trainer.   Felt MUCH better while riding and the  head hurts only slightly now. 

Dinner?  no idea!

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