Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rest day before INSANITY

I have some food pictures to post, but will need to that in another post. . .

Two/three weeks ago I let my husband talk me into a 13.1 on Jan.15. Okay, he suggested it only! NO pressure on his part.

It's a winter/snow race, but as my state's been experiencing autumn for the winter months I said, 'sure'. . . then a few days ago we got our first snow, 5" with major winds (i.e. snow drifts here and there).  Today it's -2, suppose to get up to the 20s and tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 30s. Race starts at 10:45am and I'm thinking, 'what was I thinking?????'

Last night I did my 3 mile route on the streets with powder on them and, on one stretch the snowmobiles had been on the sidewalk so I followed that path.  Had to stop every so often, as while the body remembered it'd be a big workout, it was a big workout and wasn't suppose to be.  10 degrees or so, my eyes leaked, then the eye lash corners stuck together; it was a great run!

Started packing last night. . . what do you wear onroutes you've not been on, in unknown weather temps (aside from cold), when you have to carry everything yourself--if you get outside help in this 13.1 you have forfeited.  Heat packs, feet covers, gaiters for shoes, yaktraks, how many pairs of pants? how many shirt layers? hats, neck warmer/face cover, camelback, and the list goes on!

Rules of the race here.  What is the Triple D?  Find out here.

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