Monday, January 9, 2012

Wake up, WAKE up, it's run time!


I didn't want to get up this morning. It's been gorgeous fall or spring weather for my area, not the January the calendar says. However, at night the temps are dipping down into the 20s and that makes for a chilly morning run!

My fabulous hubs put the AY-UP lights together for me again (he had to dismantle the head piece so he could use the lights on his bike) and I was ready to go, double pants, warm Fox River socks (you know, the sock monkey company--- I wore my wool socks out, though they have awesome lightweight socks with an orange or lime green band going through the foot of the sock --arch support!),  Mizuno breath thermal top (fabulous to wear around the house on those really cold, windy days too),  with my Melanzana hoodie (which is a fabulous small town product in Leadville, CO, a/k/a Cloud City USA).

I was ready to go for a run! Thankfully, I was going to be out longer than it took to decide what to wear, ha ha.

Full moon was still in the sky, the sun was set to rise in twenty/thirty minutes. Not much wind, it was a perfectly awesome morning for a run.
Center orb is the full moon; cell phone doesn't take the best pics for distance, or motion.

After getting a couple miles in, the sun started coming up which allowed for this gorgeous windy picture at the park entrance.  Pretty awesome, right?

And everyone loves a sunrise picture! I may live in the city, but on the fringes. One perk is being able to run through nearby parks and open pastureland with scenes such as this.

Five miles down, good time for me, especially considering I stopped three times to take the phone out of its pouch and take pictures!  Legs were feeling good after one rest day and fifteen miles on Saturday.

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