Saturday, January 7, 2012

LONG run day

Yesterday, Friday, was a long and crazy day. I was going to ride my bike after work; then the end of work went to the dogs. I came home & begged, had scrambled egg & cheese soft corn shell taco for a late dinner and went brain dead in front of the computer.
This morning I got up twice: once when hubby's went out for biking and the next time, an hour later when my phone buzzed. Haha. Had some buckwheat cereal with bananas for breakfast, loaded up my waist / hip camelback, some energy , changed opinion on what to wear about 10 times , slight breeze, only 30 today and it's that "in between stage" of over/under dressing. Then went out for my 15 mile run. First 5 miles seemed to take for.ev .er.  I carry my cell phone in a snack size zip lock bag. I stopped to take a pic (the blurry tree) and didn't take it out of the baggie.

Last year the water was up about 5 or 6 feet from where it is now.

(photo  2/4/11)

...after the first 5 I started feeling better and moving along. Stopped at the river, halfway point, for some pics. River is about 3 feet, if not more, below normal stage.

Saw one runner out, and several dog walkers. Turned around and headed back. Saw two more runners about a mile from home. One was wearing shorts! Brrrrr.  

Legs started getting sore at about 12miles today.

Got home, stretched, took a long soak and then went to a local fast american-mexican food place for 'lunch' at 3pm, Pablo's.  I ordered a steak salad, hubby had the burrito.  Had to remind the girl to put steak on the salad!  We sat at the windows and watched the goings on. Haven't eaten there in a while, nor people watched.  We had fun coming up with stories for people and figuring out who was heading into Scratch Cupcakery. If you're by this way, I've been told they're divine! However, they are not gluten free.

Tonight for dinner I decided to make the Penguins I saw on a blog a few weeks ago.  Aren't they adorable?  Colassal and medium size olives stuffed with cream cheese, on top of a slice of carrot with triangle cut out from the "feet" for the "beak". 

And the awesome dinner, strawberries, broccoli, mashed potatoes and broiled steak.  My grill hasn't seen much time since I discovered the broiler!  Hubby had fun with the penguins; yes, playing with his food!

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