Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday! February!

January went by so quickly and before it left it gave us a taste of March, April weather.  48 degrees the last two days!  WOW. 

Don't think the nice temps will stay though;  newsman says a cold front is going to move in.  I really hope so. I'm odd, I like the snow and cold. I don't like wind. . .wind is good training, but bad for me. I hate wind when running.  As long as the temps stay constant I don't care if it's 100 or 50 or 20 or 0. . . the days like now where it's 50 one day and 20 the next drive my body nuts.

Monday did yoga. Very nice, more central core workout.  Long day for me. Got home from work about 9:30 and was in bed about half hour later.

Yesterday I was suppose to run a gentle 2 miles. I woke up feeling better than I have in a very long time, makes me wonder how long I've had some kind of a bug.  I did a mile on my lunch break.  Yeah, probably should have gotten up and done the two in the morning!

Another day of yoga this morning, at o'dark thirty.  The leader reminded us it's FEBRUARY already!  How is this possible??? Back to yoga, love it, even if there is a lot of core work. . . core work is good for runners, right? That's what I keep telling myself anyway, and the core is needed to hold the abs in.  Got to work on the abs/core.  Working up a sweat in yoga. Bad thing is that I haven't figured out the exercise in the morning in addition to yoga.  I normally get up, go for my run, get ready for work.  Instead, I'm getting up for yoga, coming back, tidying the house and then doing the exercise at night, which is hard for me. I usually do grocery shopping, errands, etc after work so exercising then is hard to work in for me.


Sunday, I made a double batch of the pizza crust recipe I have. brown rice, tapioca and teff flour for a nice soft crust that doubles well for pita/fold over sandwich wrap.  When it's still raw dough, it also makes great pigs in a blanket covering/blanket.   Then made Jasmine rice. How sad that I can't recall what went in it!  Yesterday was 'dinner on your own' day.  I had a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner, along with Fage 0% greek yogurt with honey.  YUM!  (okay, okay, I also had some hershey chocolate miniatures--who can resist those this time of year?) 

No pics this time.

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