Sunday, January 22, 2012

I lost my energy!

Where did my week and energy go?  

Monday night I went to a zumba class with a friend. By Wednesday evening we were both feeling drained, Thursday was tiring, Friday I had nasal congestion, which hasn't left the body yet!   AJ and I figured we touched some surface at the zumba meet place and we were contaminated there.     Wednesday was my first day of Bootless Yoga, as Monday I was sleeping off the Triple D snow half.  That was fun and exciting.  Lots of new stuff to learn. Friday's yoga was different, more stretches and things that made me say, 'oh yeah, I can do this' and then Friday evening/Saturday morning I was needing to stretch again :-D

I emailed my coach and said, 'hey, this is what's happening with my body this week'.  He suggested I pull back on Saturday and do 11 instead of 15.   Thanks to the blizzard we got on Friday (7 inches of snow), I decided to head into the gym, though that was more due to the low temps than anything.  I got 5 miles run, then walked 4 more at 7% incline and then called it a day. I was tired and wasn't going to push myself and just end up sicker!

On the other hand, since I wasn't doing as much exercising, my time for baking/cooking increased! 

My drive to work.  Winds, plus snow. We apparently received 7.5" of snow, a one day record. However, at our house, 5 miles from the measuring location, we received about 5 or 6 I would say.  Thankfully, we have eager neighbor kids who are wanting to earn a buck. I no sooner got out of the car, than I had an offer.  I said to come over when it stopped snowing; he showed up a couple of hours later

Cupcakes were on the agenda. I found some recipes at  I made the peanut butter and chocolate chip recipe, which, of course, demanded I make peanut butter and chocolate icing from scratch (Hershey cocoa can recipe with pb added).


I won't say how many of these were devoured this weekend.

Next up was Chebe.  This is tapioca bread heaven. I've found using my food processor makes it much easier and a fluffier product.  I used two bags of the product this time, added in chuncks of cheese for something different.

One ran off the pizza stone.

Saturday morning I made egg muffings. I got this recipe from Health-Bent I don't follow Paleo diet (obviously, since I make chebe!); however, I have cut down on the amount of  breads in my diet.  It just makes sense. . . the stuff just sits in your intestines and gains weight. Paleo makes sense, I just can't make myself eliminate so many things that I am able to eat (there are plenty of things I can't eat).

I made more of these tonight. . . I used Hormel ham slices, natural, on Saturday and liked that better since they contained the yoke. I used Hormel Canadian Bacon tonight. I was planning to use the leftover Beeler's bacon, but forgot. I still can't believe I made bacon and we didn't eat the whole package. I'm not sure the last time that occurred.

Tonight I also made a rice bar for hubby. He found the recipe around Christmas time and I just got around to making it tonight.   Sushi rice (2 cups rice to 1.5 cups water), crisp bacon, 4 scrambled eggs and a little soy sauce.  Mix together, press in pan, refrigerate and then cut into bars.  They looked really good. He wanted these for cycling food.

Dinner tonight was chicken soup: 2 smart chicken breasts, carrots, celery, onion, bay leaf, pepper, quinoa (and a little tiny GF pasta--Schar brand), and then chicken stock. YUM! 

[second posting, somehow managed to post earlier by mistake!]

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