Thursday, January 26, 2012

No pain no gain? Not this pain!

Haven't written for a few days, since I didn't do a whole lot.   Wednesday morning I got up, went to yoga, which was fabulous! Lots of moves, some new, all good.   Came home, tidied up, then off to a good day of work.  About 2pm yesterday my right back calf started killing me. Just major pain that hurt when I flexed the foot.  Went to a dentist appointment came home and had to talk myself into going to the gym for the run. That way I was guaranteed to do the 5 miles. 

Did a half mile, wanted to stop, got to a mile, got off, did stretches, calf was killing, got back on as running wasn't quite as bad as stretching was--yeah, I know, not the smartest. I managed to do another mile of running and then changed it up to walking at an incline.  I live on flatland, normally don't get much hill work in, so I cranked it to 7% and worked up to 9% and my leg didn't hurt much when I was walking at that angle.  Interesting, I said, so I did the other 3 miles that way. 

Got off the t'mill and OMG the pain, the pain!  Walking flat hurt. Flexing the ankle hurt, driving home thus hurt.  Hubby said that my foot was cold, the lower calf looked swollen and all. I had to agree with him.  In the afternoon my foot felt 'odd'.  Hard to explain, but almost like it was asleep but no needle feeling.  

Woke up this morning and the foot felt better, but the calf didn't.  By the time I got to work and had been in the sitting position on the drive over, my foot was feeling odd again. Thus, I have a doctor appt tomorrow morning.  

I hadn't packed lunch, so I called for lettuce wrap turkey, ham, cheese sandwich for delivery.  After a few bites the taste just wasn't sitting with me, so I had the chips and then a bowl of GF cereal.  Oh, what a lunch, ha ha.  

Did stretches when I got home,  warm soak on the calf, more stretches, warm pack on the calf.   It's just so frustrating! Can't flex the foot forward without the calf hurting, can't "bend" the toes much at all--and I normally can pick up items with my toes, can't do that either.  

On a positive spin, neither Mikenor I want to cook tonight, so take out from the italian restaurant down the street it is!  GF Pizza, pepperoni, black olives, extra cheese and sauce for the hubby. 

Left side is half of the chicken parm. (chicken, sauce and cheeeeeese, and then the GF pizza. YUM!

okay, okay, not included in the picture, the GF pasta, for lunch tomorrow, and the salad :-D


  1. Sorry to hear about your calf! Hopefully it's feeling a bit better now. I'm going to have to pick your brain a little about colitis/GF eating. It runs in my family and I find I'm dealing with flare ups often, trying to figure out exactly what is causing it.

  2. So people don't think I didn't respond to Vanessa/Gourmet Runner, we corresponded via email :-)