Monday, January 2, 2012

Day off running=baking/kitchen time

Windy and cold. 25ºF and windy gusts up to flags waving proudly in the air miles per hour. Is that a meterologist term?

I got to play "farmer's wife" today. That consists of being asked to "run to town" or in our case, 'run to the bike shop' and get a specific item. . . quite similar to a farmer's wife being asked/told to run to the implement to get xyz part for the tractor or combine :-) Afterwards I went for my 5 mile run which consisted of twelve hill repeats and then back home for left over pasta (Heartland) and homemade sauce.

Then I pulled out the pan of homemade date bars (similar to larabars, but cheaper, ha ha). Quite good, though I didn't get them pressed in the pan hard enough together, so they're a bit crumbly.

First, chop the dates in your food processor; then add in your "mix-ins". Have a 9x13 pan lined with wax paper. Pour in the mixture and then press it down firmly. You need to press quite firmly. Using another pan with wax or parchment paper between the pan and mixture would probably work well.

I made two different kinds. Half the dates I used vanilla, pecans, almonds, brazil nuts and chocolate chips. The other half I used almonds and peanut butter and a smidge of vanilla.
After my pasta today I had a 2x2 piece of the date bar. Quite good!

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