Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Conclusion--Money Jar totals!

What a year!   Downs and Ups, emotions and the scale. ;-)  

A few years ago I started adding a dollar to a jar, technically a race glass,  every exercise I do.  If I ride my bike, $1. If I run, $1. If I do yoga, $1.  Driving to the gym and doing weights, $1.  If I worked up a good sweat doing housework or yardwork, $1.  No money goes in for spending the day picking grapes and making jam or jelly--but that's a workout indeed.  

This year I tried to keep up some exercise in the spring, but my low back hurt so much from the car collision I eventually just threw in the towel on that. It was frustrating to hear the doctor say "just give it more time, give it more time" and I was saying "It hurts to even walk".  I don't think she was hearing me, which is frustrating for a doctor I've seen for over a decade.   After my June epidural I started walking again and trying to run, but the pain--while diminished--was still niggling there.  I can say my gumption was gone.  I couldn't bike or do yoga because of the pain in my right wrist. When a friend suggested Tulsa Route 66, I thought 'this is the motivation I need' and it was. At least it got me out doing something, even if it wasn't as much as it normally would have been.  
My exercise jar was a bit light this year. It came in at $83.  I exercised 22% of the days in 2016.  That's excellent, as I hurt for over six months of the year!  

My races/events:   
Eight events in 2016. It's actually one more than in 2015 with my  acral lentiginous Melanoma toe surgery!  Fools 5K, which was postponed one day due to horribly dangerous winds (and I think rain). Like 30-50mph winds.  Who wants to run in that?  Plenty of people complained because they couldn't participate on Sunday.  I think the race director made an excellent call, and he actually rescheduled the race for the next day!  So many other races would have just canceled and that would have been that.   Run 4 UNI was a four mile race starting near UNI and ending in the dome on the football field.  Highlights included everyone singing the national anthem as the recording wasn't working!  Unifying us at the start.  I pushed through on that, in extreme pain, because I didn't want to be dropped to the end.  I wanted to hurl as I was in so much pain. This is actually the event where I just threw in the towel afterwards and said to myself, 'why even bother if I'm not getting better as the doc says I will.'.  After my epidural, I started walking again but the pain doctor warned against running right away ---as if one could after a eight month hiatus from doing so!    One of the 'races' I saw and wanted to do was the National Park virtual race through the Virtual Running Club.  Who wouldn't want a medal in the shape of a park ranger hat?   The next race I actually did was the Park to Park 5k.  I was so excited to run/walk this race again.  I was fifteen minutes faster than the April race :-)   With the calendar looming for November Tulsa, and not having done much after Park to Park, I signed up for a 5k in early October and a 10K in early November.  That was pretty much all my training. I didn't do a lot between there.  Not the best, but that's the truth.  Tulsa was a 5k one day and a half the next day, both mostly walked.  

Marathon Maniac/Half Fanatic photo from Williams Route 66 2017.  I have permission to use the photo as is:  

I'm in this!!!

83.  I was able to exercise 83 days this year, when I wasn't able to do much without pain for half this year!  What an accomplishment!  Focus on the positive!

New years eve we stayed in.  We were planning to go to the Twin Cities for a few days, but decided to stay home.  New Years Eve was so rockin'  ;-)  I did laundry. During the last dry cycle, The Mike went back to the laundry room and smelled burning hair---like when hair gets caught in the hair dryer vent.  We turned off the dryer and waited back there for something. Eventually the smell went away.  Sunday morning, The Mike took the top and front off the dryer and we found the mess.  Turns out a seal that was suppose to be a circle to prevent lint leakage wasn't sealed.  Lint had been coating the bottom of the dryer for who knows how long.  Wires had burned sheathing.  We were LUCKY!  So we spent New Years Day looking for new dryers.  Forgot how expensive those are!

New years eve we had snacks. Shrimp and homemade cocktail sauce, cheese dip, apples, grapes, carrots, cheese, black olives and, of course, chips.   We topped it off with Pina Coladas. :-)  

If you like Pina Coladas. . . and getting caught in the rain. . .(Jimmy Buffett)

We ran out of room.  NYDay we broke open the Daiya cheesecake.  Small, good portion size with a quarter being a serving.  Twenty three grams of fat.  Can you say it's not that bad since it's made with pea protein? That's good, right?   
This was really good!  
May you have a wonderful 2017 and may your past be your past.