Friday, March 2, 2012

Yoga, running, cooking and eagles. . .

What do yoga, running,cooking and eagles have in common??  ME. :-)   

I enrolled in a yoga class which started on Martin Luther King Jr. day.  Lots of fun, lots of moves that at first were hard and are getting easier. . . or my state of mind has changed.  

15 days to my 26.2. EEK.  Sometimes  Often I have doubts. My training, I don't think, is where it was in October for my first marathon, but this one is flatter, I have the training down, I've been working more on my core, I have gotten good long runs under my belt and, I think most importantly, I listen to my body.  I'm not aiming to do something extreme and mess up my body. It's already messed up by nature ;-)  no need for me to add to it. 

Tuesday I think I had an awesome run.  Got up and on the treadmill, and hammered out the miles.  I felt awesome and that's money in the bag for my upcoming race.

Wednesday I had to do 7 miles, middle 4 at marathon pace. Felt GREAT.  Did this after work and as I was getting on the ol' t'mill the hubby came home from work and put on a movie--THE GOONIES--is there anything better?  Oh yeah, the Mike did his cycling beside me. Loving the home gym system.  I can run and keep up with my hubby on his bike. . . okay, it's cause we're both going nowhere really, but still it's fun to run at his side ;-)

Thursday was a deserved rest day. What to do to celebrate? See a LOT of eagles. Spotted two flying on my way home. Normally I see them crossing a road to home as well, so I had my eyes wide open. I didn't expect to see this:

and then. . . the camera died. So I went home and got the other camera . . . only to find out it's battery was basically dead too! Though I did get this picture out of it:

yes, each of those dark spots in the tree is a mature bald eagle.  EACH ONE. Wow.  I wasn't the only one stopping, but I am glad that years ago "they" decided the two lane bridge needed wide shoulders on it!

Then I went grocery shopping and intended to tan, but the line was really long, and thus I came home a different way.  As I was driving by the hospital I see a little red head kid (okay, he's a teen, so he's not little) and I think, 'is that ___ (the neighbor kid)?'.  So I stop, and it IS him.  He needs a ride home. Good thing I didn't tan! He's wearing shorts, no coat and has a friend with him who needs a ride too. LOL, the kid is smart though. He said he got worried when a car slowed to a stop, until I poked my head out the window.  --we got a new car 12/31 and the kid's not use to seeing it yet. 

On the way home I'm telling him about the eagles and he says, "I've never seen a live eagle, only ones in museums or books."  Well, can't have that, can we?  So we stop at the bridge again, and this time he gets to see one of these magestic birds soaring from one tree to another nearby. He is amazed and in awe.  Pretty cool.

Dinner: food. . .

I had some chicken thighs I purchased earlier this week on sale 'cause they were use/freeze by 3/1 date, so I put those in a pan with some cracked pepper, ginger, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and brown sugar: 

along with some banana bread (I use a mix, as I have not been able to make a good gluten free one from scratch)

Yes, it's fabulous :-)

Almost finished product (don't have a photo of it in the stomach, ha ha).  Shredded thighs, sweet corn and baked potato with cheese, sour cream and butter.

Stayed up later than I should have, we have netflix now and are enjoying watching the American Pickers.  We're finally into season two. 

Yoga this morning. Love Friday yoga, it's all about deep stretches and making the legs feel good from all the running and other yoga this week. 

Having charged the camera batteries last night, I was on the lookout this morning and got these pics:

East side of bridge

West side of bridge

Is there a better way to start Fridays? Yoga and multiple bald eagle sightings? 

Tonight 1 hour on bike, tomorrow 15 miles

[edited for spelling] 

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