Friday, March 9, 2012

Falling off the wagon. . .

This is a down week in training simply as it's just a few short days to March 17 and my race day.    I can say that I took an unscheduled day off last week because I was feeling run down and needed to keep my health up.  This week the blahs hit.  Ever had the blahs just strike from nowhere? Ugh. Yoga MWF and Tuesday's workout. . . didn't do Wednesday's because I couldn't fit it in the morning, thought about ditching yoga, but decided to do yoga instead of the hill repeats. Exactly what was I thinking ditching hill repeats?  Got the upper body workout at yoga. Wednesday night I was suppose to have dinner with friends, once canceled before, once canceled that morning. I made the decision to postpone. . . so I could have done hill repeats after work, but then I went to Target with the Mike and came home made dinner. Did I mention the weather turned on Wednesday to cold, windy and rainy?

Sadly, I fell asleep on the couch Wednesday night, exhausted apparently, by about 8:30.  Up and to bed about midnight, slept in until 7AM.  Again, my body needed sleep to recover. Hopefully I'm not getting any of the bugs going around. 

Thursday, was sent to bed at 9pm by the Mike.  He's so good to me.  Asleep by 9:30, up at 4:45 for yoga. Got home and changed for running (okay, put on proper socks and shoes) and got on the t'mill.  I turned on the television and. . . no sound. Mike's been experimenting with the audio on the television, trying to get it to come through headphones instead. I couldn't figure out how to change this, so I turned off the treadmill, did some housework, dishwasher, etc, got ready for work.  Sun is out and I am hoping I can run outside tonight when I get off work.:-)   

What do I have from not doing much this week and sleeping?  I have antsy pants. . . for March 17.  Just 8 days away. EIGHT days and now I'm freaking on myself. . . 

I should have been doing ________; 
I should have been doing ____________;  
Is not getting that long run in on the Saturday several weeks ago going to hurt me (when I did 13 one night and 5 the next morning); 
flying: it'll be the first time in years I've flown by myself; before 2004 I had never flown with my husband. Since then, I've never flown without him. I am freaking a little at flying by myself.  On one level I know it's silly; on the other level, I'm like 'eek'!

and my big current freak:  Can I take powder Cytomax on the plane?????  

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