Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cheese be gone.

Sunday I had to do an hour on the bike. Since it was in the 60s (even if it was windy), I rode outside. Hubby went with me (isn't he awesome? doing 11mph for me instead of his normal 17 or 19!).  The thing I knew before, and was reaffirmed in riding, was that biking outside for me is much different than just pedaling inside.  My bum starts to hurt on the stationary set up, but outside 50minutes had gone by before I noticed this part.  I also noticed very few people wearing helmets!  For the longest time The Mike was the only person I saw with a helmet on, and that's because he was riding in front of me!  Adults, parents, kids, almost none wore helmets.  My favorite to see in the summer is the parent with no helmet pulling a burley or hike a bike with the small kid wearing helmets. This is my "favorite" because I'm sure a four year old would be able to get aid when on a trail in the middle of nowhere (for all intents and purposes) if mom or dad had an accident and hit their respective head.  I've almost been hit by a deer out for a run, and braked on Sunday before a ground squirrel was able to hit my front wheel.  I know people who have been tossed from bikes on the recreational trail system from dogs unleashed, deer, squirrels, downed tree limbs and more.  While most end up with bruising, one even slid into a tree stump, requiring many stitches on his cheek (inside and out).  Interested in more horror stories?  Check out the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute page. It's also one of the reasons I wear a Road ID  with my contact information on it and in the interactive system.

I am officially giving up cheese. I made this decision last night and starting today, March 13, 2012 I am not ingesting any cheese (okay, I haven't decided on cottage cheese). I'd  like to work towards giving up all dairy, but since there are so many things I can't eat, why should I try to eliminate ones I can handle? Cheese can be salty and fatty (hey, this dairy farmer's daughter is NOT  into buying "fat free" anything dairy!)   I'm debating on pasta, but definitely going back to this brand instead of this one.  One it's cheaper and two, it's just rice, whereas the second one is potato and corn.  I found some Tinkyada in the pantry last night and think it's soo much better.  

Sunday night I made a pretty awesome (lazy) dinner even though we weren't that hungry with the time change and having had something after our bike ride. Baked chicken with thyme (in honor of spring forward day, HA) and basil with baked sweet potatoes (ah, put it in the oven and forget about it).   Last night's was so pathetic I'm not even putting it on the blog ;-) 

Edit: The Mike reminded me that I have flown before without him. just last year!. . . and to see the same two siblings I'm seeing this time as well :-)
How could I forget Vegas?

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