Sunday, March 25, 2012

Run for a cause

Saturday was a busy day.   In the morning, I joined scores of others in my area to show support for a victim of a freak accident; she was out running on the trails and was stabbed in the shoulder by a man with some issues (to say the least).  It was amazing to see so many people show up for the event, and know there were many others who wished they could have been there, but for plans to be out of town.

Then I went to a tag/estate sale.  It was a rather interesting one as it was held at the woman's apartment in a retirement home. That was a little odd, and made me feel bad walking into the place, past residents, and then walking out with items in my hands. Part of the life cycle, but stillhard.  I bought a oil panting of a street scene in Paris. The back is dated 1977.  Now I have to put another nail in the wall.  The colors are very vibrant. Interestingly, the last auction I was at and bought a painting (many moons ago when I was just out of college) was a pencil and watercolor drawing of a boating scene, in France. HA.  I guess my roots are showing.  One of the neat things is the person wrote on the back when they got it, how/why and a photo of the street scene as well (buildings/street).

Later in the day I made a trip north. The Mike decided to ride his Salsa vaja north and have me pick him up. Our official destination was the bike shop to pick up another Salsa, this one with some suspension going on.  While I was out and about on the gravel roads of the great beyond I happened down a road with windmills in the distance, and then they grew closer and closer.  This one was the closest I've ever seen to a road. Granted, it was a gravel road, a road less traveled.

I have a love/hate attitude towards the wind turbines. I love that we can get energy from them, but I don't like what they do to nature. Bats often die around them, I've read of a bird in Wyoming that doesn't cross roads (so it basically lives on ranch land and/or square miles) and that having the turbines there interferes with its life, and farmers who lease the land to the companies often give up any hunting rights on their land. Also, I think of the "dead" farm in southern Hawaii that we saw when we traveled to the south point of Hawaii county (big island). We drove past the abandoned turbine farm, which had missing blades on all the machines, and the 'new' farm that could be seen in the distance. It makes one wonder what will happen in 20, 30 years when these machines are no longer as efficient.
South Point, Hawaii County, Hawaii (furthest southern point in U.S.)
photo 11/4/2009

(South Point was also home to an aviation base during WWII. check it out here. Not much is left, just a building or two)

The sun did come out in the late afternoon. . . just in time to finish driving with the sun/heat on my side of the car as we were driving.  We got to the bike shop just in the nick of time.  Mike got his bike, got a chat in with the guys and then we fueled up the car and headed back.  We stopped at Culver's for some custard and this location happened to have the very awesome Potato Au Gratin  soup (which, now that I look at the ingrdients, probably isn't the best, but it's yummy!).  Most places carry the potato and bacon which is NOT GF; the au gratin variety is GF though! 

This morning I was wondering what to make, no bread so no french toast. Instead, I took some of the previously baked potatoes, sliced and pan fried with olive oil and butter, scrambled some eggs with Beeler's ham and had diced apples and pears on the side. 

Dinner is to be in just a little bit: fish (cod) with butternut squash, left over corn and banana bread for afterwards. 

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