Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Directions, directions, directions

Oh, how the best laid plans. . .

Sometimes I read the instructions from my coach wrong and I don't notice it until I go to record the information. Today wasn't one of those days.

Instead, we're waiting for dinner to be done. The meat is done, the fruit is cut up, the beef is cooked, the broccoli steamed and. . .and, we're waiting on the rice. I grabbed one of the jars and started to cook, that and it happens to be the one  that takes forty minutes. UGH. 

I think when this jar of rice is gone, that's it. No more of it. Only other rice that cooks faster :-D

That said, I got my run in.  5 miles, outside in 70 degree weather. I know we're not suppose to have this heat wave in MARCH in IOWA, but I will definitely take it!   The cats are loving the weather.  They get supervised visitations outdoors in nice weather. Smokie went one way, Felix went off at a right angle to her. When I gathered Smokie up, something scuttled in the leaves and she growled/hissed. I thought she was just mad. Nosireeebobby.  Instead, the thing that scuttled happened to be a squirrel which Felix helped tree.  Felix, the cat who doesn't even know he can climb a tree managed to tree something.

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