Monday, March 5, 2012

Deliciously lazy weekend

Maybe some wouldn't consider it to be deliciously lazy, but it sure is in this hour.  Saturday I was going to join in the 'group' run in a hilly area.  Awoke to wind and cool temps and decided that running with the wind coming across the cold river to me wouldn't be so nice--I'm always chilly on that path even without wind.  Thus, I went back to sleep :-)  Then got up later and made some walnut/date/cranberry balls and headed down to the treadmill.  Awesome Mike set up the Roku/netflix box so we watched Jet Li in The One (love that movie) and a new one to us Fearless which was a late 1800s/early 1900s time period film with Jet Li. Got done with my mileage for the day, did some stretching then some yoga moves and made breakfast/brunch pizza. Homemade crust includes brown rice and teff flour. I also found a new local company that does bacon.  Discovered it by accident really, local food place was having a 1/2 off sale since it was the 'freeze or use by" date a month or so ago. I finally remembered to thaw it out the night before.  Great bacon, not thick, not salty, no nitrates, nitrites or MSG.  WOW. YUM!.   Had pizza, turned on the tv and this is what happened to us:

We fell into "cat comas", which is actually good. After stressing the body so much (in this case, running or cycling on rollers) one needs to rest the body. 

These pics of the cats are actually from Sunday, guess I was too lazy on Saturday to get any pics of them. 

Sunday it started to snow in early afternoon. Forecast was for about an inch and they pegged it right. 

Looked out the deck doors that afternoon and with snow on the trees, it almost made me think I was in Colorado. . .except we have to work on Monday. 

Monday morning came too early.  Black cat decided to use me as a bed mat last night, so I was tossing/turning throughout the night trying to get him to stop.  Got up, grudgingly, for yoga and headed downtown.  Glad I did as I feel so fabulous afterwards.  Nice and stretched and ready for the day. 

Even though it was 10º and snowy, I decided to check the river backwater stream to see if there were any eagles in the trees. Yes, there were and the sunrise was soo gorgeous, it made stopping a treat!

Eagle in left tree--the darker spot on the right portion of the tree. 

I don't know about you all, but the sun rise/set photos I take never do justice to the colors that creation has made for us.

And then I saw something fly from one bank to the other, and then another and another. . .

I managed to capture this one fairly well, the other was quite blurry. 

Not sure what it is??  Checkout the next/last photo:


The turkeys are back.  They use to be in this area and after the flood of 2008 they disappeared--okay, they migrated further south of town and were seen there. I haven't seen them in this number since. I've seen one or two by themselves last year, but that was it.  They look so tiny and harmless this far away, but when they decide to cross the road in front of your car, be sure to brake!

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