Sunday, February 12, 2012

runner, gluten free and now a springboard too!

The cat has decided that I am a springboard. . . perfect for "diving" onto the bed at about 2am.  LUCKY me!  He's done this the last two nights. early Friday morning it was annoying enough as I was already up at midnight, then at the 2ish time when he did a triangle, jump, land, run two feet, turn, run two feet, bounce off me, land repeat .   Then enter early Saturday morning, where it happened again, except instead of a triangle he just leapt off me, landed, trotted back to same spot, repeat.   Maybe we need to take away his catnip mice?

Saturday I drove to a Soroptimist International of the Americas meeting for Ames Heartland. We presented our award checks to a young woman (high schooler) who spends time reading to first graders to encourage them to read.  She was our Violet Richardson award winner.  We had two women apply for the Womens of Opportunity Award and we were lucky to have them both present as well.  One is a young woman who is starting over after an abusive relationship, the other escaped a violent relationship with her children and has found new love and a new place to live, though she still is worried that that evil man will find her.    I am grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization.  

I had a late lunch with my sister, then drove home. It was such a windy and cold day that it actually seemed liked winter might show itself again.  This is February and we've only had about three storms that gave us any snow. It was still raining in November and it well shouldn't be.  Last winter we had about 25" of snow. This winter, we've had about 8".  It's not right, especially since our farmers  (i.e. read: dad, uncles, friends) really could use this rain and also because I actually have an AWD vehicle now instead of the rear-wheel drive Dodge we had before! Bring on the snow! 

Anyway, with the meeting, it meant that I was going to run my 18 miles inside, on the new treadmill,  in the evening. Normally I'm a morning runner, so I wasn't all that jazzed about the run.  I got on, had to do some adjustments (you know how it is, right?) and started putting in the miles.  Hubby got on the rollers (bike) beside me and we watched Prince of Persia.  Forgot about that movie, but watching it brought back the videogame The Mike use to play, back when the xbox and playstation got attention from us.  Great movie and action packed that I was hoping I wouldn't even notice the miles my feet ran.  However, I did.  My feet, calves, thighs hurt along with my lower back. After a few breaks for refill of water and other things, I threw in the towel on the run.  13miles and some change done.  It was 8:30, we were going out to eat, and no, we didn't even bother to shower.  Bring on the food to the hungry people who did three plus hours of exercise.  Steaks and potatoes were on the menu and they were fabulous. No pics, we all know what steaks look like. . . and more importantly, an empty plate ;-) 

But, I still had to finish out my miles, which I did on Sunday morning.  Got up, got going and put the miles in.  Finished watching TombRaider. . .Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig.   Then made a fabulous brunch:  Jimmy Dean all natural sausage, french toast with UDI's whole grain bread and an orange. Yum!  Too hungry to hink about photos :-D

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