Friday, February 3, 2012

Feels good to get sore

Last weekend we went north to Minnesota to pick up the Mike's bike from the shop.  One of the highlights of the drive happens to be the modern windmills.  As you're driving straight west on the highway there are a series of four or so that are in a straight line and all you can see are their blades turning at different points. I think it's a gorgeous sight to see.  The Mike took this photo for me, as I was driving.  Pic was just as we were entering the curve so you can see the poles here, but that's better than seeing the semi that was blocking the view before ;-) 

I hadn't done a lot of running since last Wednesday (9 days ago) when I did whatever I did to my ankle. Saturday was an off day and I feel like a bump on a log having not done any long running.  I don't think I'd have thought that three, four years ago! Monday yoga was good, Tuesday I did a mile, Wednesday was yoga and felt great, though there were things there I wasn't sure I could do, but got them done and then to ride the bike for an hour, which I did on the trainer in the basement that night with the cat wanting to know when I was going to be done (he just kept passing back and forth, back and forth).    As I did the biking at night, I wasn't going to be able to run Thursday morning, so I headed to the gym after work to do the task.   7 miles on the agenda, specific times for the miles--see how I could do.   I did first mile as warm up, then started in doing the others with no breaks.  Okay, I was doing this, felt gooood.  Then after 3.8 miles of the 5 miles at the specific pace my legs said 'that's it.  we can't sustain this'.  I dropped the speed thinking I could do it a little slower, but the legs still weren't having it.  I did do 7 miles, but I ended up walking the rest. In order to get a workout in, even at the walk, I bumped up the incline to 5%. 

Which brings me to yoga today.  Less than twelve hours after that run I was doing yoga.  Let's say more of the muscles burned today in yoga than I think they have in the last 8 classes!

After the gym last night, where I watched my favorite show, I headed to the grocery store. Oh, what a reminder to NOT shop when hungry; however, I didn't get anything we 'didn't need' aside from the ground lamb that was on sale for it's 'use by date'.  Lamb burgers are on the menu for Friday night. :-)  YUM.  Normally, I only get these at the State Fair!  

Have to say, I am loving the new car.  The whole, back it up to the sidewalk, open the trunk via a button, bring groceries to the house for the Mike to put in kitchen, run back to car for the last of the groceries, push of a button and the trunk closes.  Ahhh, I can get use to this 'valet' service :-)  Now if only the alleged "break in period" happens so  I can start getting the gas mileage promised me on the sticker! 

Dinner was fabulous, so I had to take a picture!  Mixed green salad with avocado and tomatoes, mashed potatoes from scratch with butter, milk, sour cream and pepper, broiled salmon with topping of greek yogurt, herbs de provence, a pinch of cayenne and a pinch of cinnamon (pretty good, but I'd recommend making ahead so the herbs can soften), and cottage cheese. 

Now to rest up, stretch throughout the day and get my run in tomorrow.  Originally we were planning to visit my parents this weekend, but thanks to the blizzard forecast for Colorado, Nebraska and western Iowa that won't be happening. 

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