Friday, February 10, 2012

oh where oh where has The Quirkey GF Runner gone?

I can't believe my last post was a week ago! 

I have great food photos (home food) to post, but will need to do that tonight or tomorrow. 

Saturday was my long run and between running when it wasn't my normal time and being dehydrated some it wasn't a best run for me.  The Mike called when I was done at the gym and said, "let's go out to eat". Of course I took him up on that! 

The above is what I was served. . . chicken enchiladas with southwest corn and cheese sauce. . GF, but not what I ordered.  

Ordered, Prairie Fire Chicken & Enchiladas---chicken breast served with two shredded beef enchiladas.

Sunday was overcast and dreary and I didn't want to do anything, but with The Mike out for his long bike ride I knew I needed to get out too.  Two miles, out to the lake and back, done and felt all the better for it.

Even though it was Super Bowl Sunday, I decided just to make dinner food this year and not appetizers as the game was on at dinner time anyway.  Two small turkey breasts in the oven for baking with a mixture of sage, thyme, pepper and parsley, along with two small baked (Yukon Gold) potatoes and a small butternut squash.  Served along with some Quinoa (very nutritious for us, but a very small grain with a nutritious 'germ' that coils off it when cooked, which can make clean up a little difficult)  The grains are about the size of a plastic pinhead.  , and a can of whole cranberry sauce (with sugar, not HFCS).


Monday is my long day. I asked coach to make it my training day off.  Since I started the Yoga class I realized I can't get in an hour's (other) exercise before I have to get ready for work.  An hour of yoga, then get home 45 minutes before I need to get ready, at the latest, for work. Love Mondays yoga really good all over workout, and stuff I can do!  

The treadmill to the left, Pinky bike set up behind the table/rest and The Mike's bike set up to at right of the table/rest on rollers (which are hidden from view).  Great set up with the tv up front.

One of the cats decided the belt was good enough for some attention from her. 

Tuesday my run was to be 4 miles. . . on my brand new TREADMILL :-)  It was delivered and set up on Monday while I was at my evening job.   I went down, uncovered it (we have the belt tarped so the cats don't track stuff on it) and hit start, just like I do at the gym.  3 miles into it,  it just stopped.   Oh, huh, guess just hitting 'start' starts a 30 minute timer. Ugh.  I tried to get back to running, but then decided to do ten minutes of walking and reading the owner's manual.  

Wednesday back to Yoga.  Wednesday yoga is hard for me.  More movements that I think of with typical yoga, but it's good, I'm reaching out into the unknown territory : -)    
Bike pedaling in the evening. 45 minutes and my tooshie said, 'STOP'.  so, of course I did. . . the fifth time it said that. 

Thursday, ah, sweet Thursday. I got to sleep in :-)  No yoga and since I did my bike in the evening, I didn't want to run less than twelve hours later.  Got home, changed and went to the t'mill.  Browsed the owner's manual, figured out how to accurately do the manual mode.  I, in a state of dreaminess, managed to program it for some random hills. . . not a good move on my part. I kept adjusting the incline; every time the incline went up, I pushed it back down, not to -0-, but to 1.5 or 2 for the most part. The Mike got home just as I was getting started and he came down and road his bike. . . with the observation that this is the only time we can run/bike and stay side-by-side :-D  How awesome is that?

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