Sunday, February 19, 2012

Food talks

 Food talks:   Last weekend we had an awesome relaxing weekend.  Saturday was a long run, Sunday was this awesome breakfast.  Giant omelet (Beeler's ham, red pepper, tomato, cheddar cheese), Udi's whole grain GF bread with strawberry jam and a banana. 

Homemade gelatin for hubby :-) 

I recently found these Glutino bagel bites at the grocery store.  Word to your hips. Leave them there. Okay, they're really, really good. But if you wind up eating the whole package, I did warn you!  They're good on their own, dipped in ranch dressing, topped with cream cheese or cheddar cheese. 
I did have to experiment :-) 

 I bought the Macrobar a few weeks ago--spied at a co-op grocery market.  This was the "cashew caramel" flavor. . . it was smooth in appearance, but wasn't quite smooth when eating it.  Okay, but not a lot of flavor, and the 'sprouted flax' kept getting stuck in my teeth.

Friday night, hubby was going to go for a bike ride, then I realized he hadn't left yet and it was 8pm. . . he decided not to go afterall and I decided not to bake after all. No pics, but ordered food from the place down the street--bad habit that's forming! I got salmon with peach salsa and hubby had pasta with veggies and a pesto/pine nut sauce.  Fabulous flavor.  YUM.

Saturday I went out for my long run.  15 miles.  Since it was 37 degrees or thereabouts, sunny, and little to no breeze, I went outside.  Most of the trails, fields, roads have been clean. However, there were a few sections of 'micro-mini-glaciers' on the east/west paths.

Why is it that it seems to take my body two miles of running to warm up?  About two or three miles into the run I feel 'in the groove' and get on with the run.   Near my turn around spot I took this picture of what is left of the farm co-op.  Use to have 6 or 7 steel grain bins and a brick building.  The flood of 2008 damaged many and since the water was about eight feet deep here, there was gov't money and other incentives to relocate the grain elevator further north.  This is the first time I realized the building was to be razed as well. 

On the other side of the road lay the tressel  with the roller dam to the far right of the photo.  Beautiful sight to see, plenty of geese and ducks, though no bald eagles today.

Almost home, on the path that runs along a road and someone threw out their candy. I suppose feeding the wildlife chocolate is one way to make sure it doesn't get on one's hips, but it's sad to see Baby Ruth's go to waste. . . what would Sloth think?  (Goonie's reference)
 Pizza from Mama Mimi's take and bake. It's a franchise place, so there may be one near you.  This is the Parma Pesto Chicken  and got a Triple Pepperoni for the Mike.  Had a coupon buy one get one at a discount. .

And the project for Sunday, since I only had to run two miles today, had plenty of time for other things (laundry, dishes, beef jerky).  My friend Kim had made jerky a week or so ago and it looked so good. Homemade jerky means no MSG, no soy, no ingredients unprounceable, etc. 

I had the butcher man slice part of a bottom round and then marinated it.  Part was marinated in A-1 and Worcestershire sauce, water, ground pepper, some garlic and cayenne pepper powder.  Another part was marinated in orange/pineapple juice, water, liquid smoke (Wright's brand. It looked GF, so for $1.49 I bought it and their website here says it is GF!)  This pic is of it being right in the oven (after pizza was baked). We're on hour 3 (of 5) at 170º. We'll know tomorrow how good it is!

Update:  Carlo's O'Kelly's GF menu is fairly new.  While the food I received the other week was GF, it was not what I thought I had ordered.

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