Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy week and SNOW

This week has seemed crazier and busier than others, and I have yet to figure out why.  My coach went "light" on me, my work days didn't change and hours of exercise was less than last week. However, Wednesday and today it was hard to get up out of bed at 4:50am (yes, AM, a mere twenty minutes after dairy farmers are awake to start gathering the cows for milking).  

What does Quirky's normal week look like? 

Saturday        Long Run
Sunday           20 to 60 minutes of lighter exercise, recovery from Saturday
Monday          Day off from running/biking, but up by 5am for Yoga at 5:30am, 
                                   Then up at job 1  (8:30 to 5) then at job 2 (5:15 to 9:15). 
Tuesday         Hour or so of running, work job 1 and then job 2, but only until 8pm
Wednesday   Up by 5 for Yoga, then home, work, then home and then hour of running or 
                          biking,  (I can't seem to get the exercise in after yoga in the morning)
Thursday        UP for exercise, work
Friday             Up for Yoga, exercise or not, depending on how Coach is for me., work

Rinse, repeat. 

Somewhere in there is cleaning, laundry, cooking, spending time with The Mike (hubby) and the cats.  

Last night Felix was in withdrawal of attention from me, and I for The Mike.  I slept in yesterday morning, so I ran last night, but then I had to dash off for a hair cut appointment, leaving The Mike and cats at home. [Shout out to my fabulous hair stylist, who has been through thick long hair and thick short hair with me. .. her arms appreciate the short hair!] 

Came back, baked the pizza (yep, easy out night of baking), ate, curled up on the couch next to The Mike, Felix on top of me getting attention and then I fell asleep. . .somewhere in the middle of Patrick Jayne: The Mentalist..  I have no idea how it ended. I remember being urged to bed, but then I couldn't fall asleep again and was up for a bit, then the dang alarm went off. UGH.  I am not sure what's different about this weekend than last, but I definitely feel like I'm more tired. . . maybe it's that the food hasn't been high priority this week? More convenient and grain foods than normal.  [The pizza was from Mama Mimi's, but they use Still Riding Pizza Gluten Free pizza crusts]

Highlight.  It snowed last night. I LOVE snow. Several years ago I figured I could lament about it for driving, or  embrace it and enjoy the beauty of the winter wonderland. . .okay, the first part's not true, I've never minded snow--it makes one a better driver!  Highlight: It was daylight when Yoga was over.  Highlight: I got some nice snow photos this morning.  County and city roads were cleaned off. . . the city must have saved a lot this winter with the October/November temps we've had in December, January and February.  The main road through our neighborhood was plowed this morning  when I headed to Yoga--normally it is not plowed until after I head to work in the morning! Got back from yoga, our road was plowed already!  WOOT.  Now, if only the neighbor-kids will have the initiative and shovel the drive before we get home ;-) 

The historic Little Red School House...the red building looked so great in the snow, I had to pull over to take the photo at the park.  

As I neared our house, I had this beautiful view. . . okay, it's not normally this great. There use to be a building here, but it was flooded in 2008 and the business moved to the south side of town. The city (read, FEMA/ our tax money) split the property, sold the half that "didn't flood" and there will (high anticipation, ha ha) a neighborhood park created here.  The snow hides a neighbors house.

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