Saturday, April 28, 2012

UDI's dry spot

College town with few GF places. Not wanting to spend $20 on lunch and option 2 being closed when I drove.past, I headed to the grocery store. Ugh. No UDI's bread...good thing I grabbed a.can of this soup at wally world last night.  I give the soup a 4 out of 5. Needs some thyme, bay leaf and pepper (all of which I don't have with me).

Yesterday I had a big juicy Hardee's thickburger for lunch...they put it in a lettuce wrap.for me and yes, the juices did slide down the hand as I was eating the fabulous burger.

Mike had a race this morning. Up at 2:30, to start line an hour later. He left at 4am along with sixtysome other gravel cyclists. 38 degrees, strong easterly wind, fresh rain in the night and this bike cheerleader came back to the hotel, read for a bit and then fell asleep for another few hours.  Headed out for 7 miles about 10th or so, the wind was *only* about 15mph then! I will see Mike again tomorrow after he does 320 miles of gravel!

Did some shopping in town..scores a pair of.vibram fivefingers for 50% off! Yeah!  I,love my other pair but don't wear them often unless it is a hot summer day.

Last night was awesome food at the Grinnell.Steakhouse. can't go wrong with beef! It is a grill your own steak place. Very good food...recommend if you're ever in Grinnell, Iowa right along I-80.

Temps up to 50 now, no sunshine, my rider us still out there.

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