Thursday, April 12, 2012

High life, it happens occasionally

I don't weigh myself daily, but often enough in the summer months, especially, so I can tell if I am to dehydrated before or after a run.  Last night, I wrote down my weight and I'm ECSTATIC to report, it's the same as it was last year!!! How rare!  Sadly, it's not as low as it was in October after summer training for the marathon (thank you very much Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!)

I did my last run on Friday and then wasn't feeling the best so I hadn't done any more. . . until last night! Two mile run, trying to take it easy, and then a 1.1 mile walk.  a 5K down and in the books!  It was pretty sunny out, but still chilly and I decided to do the run on the treadmill. . . and watch an episode of Cash in the Attic.  Sadly, I need to figure out if I can put any tape or paint the edges of the treadmill mat. Not for myself, but for poor Felix, who tried, again, to hop on the mat to be with me.  He spun right out.  Thankfully(?) he was trying to get on in the middle of the t'mill and not the end, or else he might have shot back to the litter boxes. 

I put together a chicken roll up last night. Tuesday I asked Mike what he'd like for dinner, he said, chicken, ham and cheese. Since he was out for a 3 -4 hour bike ride on Wednesday night, I had the time to make a fabulous dinner.  We didn't eat until after 9pm at our house, but that's okay, it's only an hour later than normal!  I had some amazing popcorn to tide me over too. (Already popped and flavored, made in the State of Iowa, and purchased at the grocery store.  It was hard to eat just a two cup serving).

Starting ingredients.  
I've tried using the chicken from the meat counter before and the muscle is too mature, or at least it won't--for me--smash down very easily or evenly. 

Easiest way is to put cling wrap beneath and over the chicken.  This is my after Christmas purchase. It has to be discounted after Christmas, no one  would want red cling wrap for any other holiday coming up (oh, say, Valentine's day!) and I don't really care what color my cling wrap is. 

I used the flat side of my meat tenderizer to smash out the breasts. I start in the middle and work my way to the sides.  Interestingly, the smaller chicken breast flatten more easily than the larger of the three. 

Ham is placed over the chicken breasts, covering any holes you may have torn in the breast meat. 

Covered with CHEESE.  See, I said I was cutting down on my cheese, but I still put some in there. Normally I'd have put more in 

Fold the sides in, then roll from end to end. I tucked the ham over (center photo) itself so that the cheese wouldn't be tempted to melt out.  Then I wrapped with kitchen twine and put in an homemade aluminum foil bag (it's easy to make one at home!) Then I baked at 350 for about 40 minutes.  (Okay, it may have been a touch longer than that, but I think that's what would be fine.).

I didn't make any last night, but I think some mushroom soup or homemade gravy over these would be great too.  Or maybe some cranberry-orange sauce for the side.

Wow. Look at that plate! Doesn't it look like something that would have been served on the Titanic? (NO? hrumph, ha ha). 

Green beans, butternut squash slice, chicken spiral roll and a little bit of Annie's GF mac and cheese.  YUM!  

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