Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunny day

Today is still chilly..though actually the normal temps...but it is full of sunshine. This is different from the last few days where the sun shows his face.every now and again.

Dad is working on planting his corn at the bottom end of the state; he started on Monday. in the northern part, my tulips are finally blooming, but I cut them tonight. I haven't covered any plants.the last two nights. However, my hostas are looking a little sad and so I covered some..the ones that will be most noticeable if they die and have to regrow this spring. 

On the sunny note, I saw two guys in the city park practicing wire walking. No worries!  They were only two feet off the ground.

Tonight wasy first run since.Friday. I'd had some side pain and have no idea where it came from, but it is gone now. Just did two likes plus 1.1 walking, so a 5k is in the books. Hahahaha . Anyone have ideas on how to keep the cat OFF the treadmill when it is running?

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