Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This week was an exciting one.  First, my lymph node incision is completely healed which meant I could take a full shower and--joy--a soaking epsom salt bath!  Ah!  It's the little things in life, right?   
For the shower, I put a washcloth in the bottom of the shower to put my left foot on, to act as a bit more traction.  This did work well. 
I do still have some of the iodine stuck to my little toe cuticle.  That is some hard to remove dye!  
After running errands on Friday, being out and about four solid hours, I was ready to put the foot up, but I also realized I needed to do something with the plain toes. I wasn't interested in trying to paint the toes without the toe separator items, so I turned to the Jamberry wraps I had in my closet.  I believe this style is Cabana.  It is nice and springy.  Too bad the left foot's nails are mostly covered up when I wear the flip flops. 
Ah, flip flops.  I found a pair of solid black ones with arch support in the closet. Mike and I had gotten a pair of these when we were on our vacation in paradise a few years ago. 
Pick me up food.  
One of the errands I had to run on Friday was to get fit for a new mouth guard for my grinding teeth. I am finally able to open my mouth about an inch, and a bit more upon pain and determination,which were called into play during the fitting.  I think this may be part of the reason why I still have jaw pain, though I also still have some water on the ears from that first week in April.  (yes, this sucks).  I ended up having to split the half sandwiches apart in order to even eat them.  The pain is really around the back of my ear.  Seven more days and I will have my new one! 

Keeping the foot elevated :-) 
Saturday I drove a couple hours to a Soroptimist member's home and then three of us carpooled to the region's spring conference. Normally, we'd be there all weekend, but there were factors as to why we weren't able to do that this year, the toe being mine.  Up until Friday afternoon I still wasn't sure I'd even be able to attend.  Friday I went all day without any hives itching and no Benedryl.   The Soroptimist event was the luncheon where they present the region award winner for the Live Your Dream/Women of Opportunity Award which is given to a woman, head of household going back to college to better herself and her family.  Our club's local winner was selected as this year's Region winner. $5,000 to her to help with college expenses. She graduates in two weeks with her bachelors and she'll be going on to get her masters in family counseling.  It was a lot of windshield time, but it was so great to see a young woman who has overcome so much be rewarded for her hardwork  and perseverance. 
It was a bit foggy on the drive to Lincoln, NE.  

Sunday breakfast The Mike wasn't sure what he wanted, so I made an omelet and pancakes.  We'd had about half a cup of mozzarella in the house for a while and it was used up on these omelets!  Bisquick GF mix for the pancakes.  
This week has been pretty uneventful.  The toe is healing, the stitches are still there. It's still red, but occasional numbness has no longer been an issue.  I have been bending it more and, when wearing my flip flops, I've been trying to do more walking on the full foot.  I'm even able to put a snug pair of socks on at bedtime without incurring too much pain.  This greatly helps my ability to sleep more through the night, without worrying about the gauze coming off in my sleep.  

This week I did some yoga. Modified yoga since I can't bend my foot with full pressure for downward dog and lunges, but it felt so good to be able to move around!  

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