Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 2 Friday

After a fairly restful sleep on the couch, so as to not knock the foot too much, I had a cuddlebud with me most of the day. The cats know something is up and were pretty undemanding most of the day, except for wanting to be on me.  
Felix on my chest
Felix climbed high on the pillows elevating the foot, for the sun and the electric blanket warmth
Pretty much Friday I woke, took my medication (regular and pain pills) and slept a lot.  It also brought my sister's mastectomy day.  I knew she'd be at the hospital already and texted her a quick message, and then to her husband as well. Aside from tv and naps, it was an event for the day.
First, I ordered flowers to be sent to her from that new online company, Bouqs.  [They've since arrived and several roses were open fully, but most were not. They looked like a good bouquet].  
The gorgeous suntan from the antiseptic surgical wash. 
The lymph node wound.
The plastic tape cover worked fabulously, ignore all the wrinkles, they're just in the tape :-)
The incision here itself is covered in steri-strips 
Oh, see, Smokie had to get in on the cuddle action!
The arthritic and geriatric cat is not going to turn away time on the electric blanket!
The highlight of the afternoon arrived with the mail.  The postal woman came to the door and rang the bell several times. As she recognizes the vehicle, she knows someone is in the house; although, I suppose the television being on alerted her to that as well.  I hobbled to the door and she did a double take! [Maybe next time she'll think twice about needing someone to open the door!].  In the mail arrived my first StitchFix!  This is a service where you complete an online form, and once a month or every other month (as often as you select), you will be sent five items of clothing to try on, keep/buy, or mail back.   I was worried about it coming shortly after my surgery day, but it was a great pick-me-up! I was happy with the selection chosen for me, but ended up keeping only one top.
If anyone is interested in this, I have a referral code I can give you :-)  

The Mike came home from work and we had a fabulous dinner, one that we rarely get in this house:  Chicken Nuggets!  The Mike even arranged for a trio of dipping sauces.  
For the veggie accompaniment, we had peas and carrots.  You know, it's Forrest Gump's favorite. 
Gah! Where's the fifth toe? 
Friday evening brought  the first 24 hours ending and the first change in dressing. 
This is how the wound was wrapped underneath the ace bandage.  
Gauze aplenty. 
The first site of the toes.  Not too bad, long edges on the sutures. 
It looks pretty good in this photo, with the pinkie toe pressed in.  
The incision is pretty much all up the outside edge of that ring toe.  We've stuck with putting a piece of gauze in between the toes to prevent sweating and irritation.  
The vaseline looking stuff is Bacitracin, which must be applied twice daily. 

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