Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 3-4 The weekend!

Woot! The weekend is here, which means more conversation time, when I'm awake.  I don't know how people who abuse prescription drugs do it. I'm asleep so much with this RX!  
Breakfast in bed--well, the couch!
Scrambled eggs with cheese, and a small side of Paul Newman pineapple salsa,
plus a piece of UDIs whole grain toast with blackberry jam. 
Rebandaged for the day

Again, the height and warmth cuddle bud. He's on the cushions which are piled up for my foot. 
The mail arrived --while I was asleep--with this wonderful note!
I have no idea where the afternoon went, except it was spent behind my eyelids.
The Mike enjoyed a great afternoon for a bike ride.  
A rare event, both cats on the lap simultaneously. 
My heel was starting to hurt from hobbling around on it.  Since the gauze and owie level of the incisions prevents me from wearing a shoe, this is what we came up with:  Yoga Mat Heel cushion! 
Mike cut two pieces to layer in the ace bandage. 
True love is working with your spouse's incisions and finding ways to make her comfortable. 
Also in the mail, came a pick me up present from a sibling.  A new duvet cover with bicycles. 
It goes perfectly well with our blue walls!  
I have plenty of the sleeve gauze wrap stuff from when I had the Virginia Creeper/Poison Ivy crud on my wrists.  Silly me, I wore gloves, so my hands were fine, but the portion above the gloves was horribly exposed to the wicked juices.  I keep plenty of this stuff on hand as a precaution. 
Still seems like I'm missing a pinkie toe!  
As a special treat, The Mike set up the bed with piles of pillows, so I was able to sleep in bed.  We had to switch sides so my foot would be on the outside of the bed.  In addition, The Mike set up a stool for a bedside table for my phone, my medication, and bottle of water.  
The funny part of the evening was the cat. He didn't know where to be for sleeping and kept going between us. In the end, he slept where he normally does, geographically, which ended up being on The Mike's chest for this night. 

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