Friday, August 31, 2012

Nature ride

I kept thinking I'd get to the actual computer to publish this post, bit haven't managed it. That's the way life goes; sometimes you have time to do things and some times things get pushed to the side.
Last Friday the Mike and I rode our bikes after work. The Mike is all about gravel and I haven't been on it in quite some time!
What a ride with nature! I thought the objects on the road were wild turkeys. Oh no, they were PEACOCKS! Not just one or two across the gravel road, but rather about ten. As we got closer they ran into the yard, dark colored ones and beautiful white. I've seen photos of white peacocks, but I always thought the photos were altered. Nope, there really are white ones.  Just past the farmhouse was an open barnyard area and more of these birds there, including juvenile ones!

This photo is from my HTC phone. It came with some photos preloaded, I'm not sure why.  I still thought this was a manipulated photo until I saw the yard full of these birds!

Later on the ride we went past a quarter-horse farm, which again, I didn't know even existed two miles north of town, past a field with deer (it was getting to be dusk, their favorite time to be out and about) and then a farm field with EMUs!  We've assumed they're being raised for the meat, but we have no idea. Here's the link for Wikipedia in case you're interested.  We had no idea peacocks were used for food (it makes sense historically) until we watched the time machine chef show recently on one of the main three television channels.  Apparently, they were a favorite of one of England's king Henrys. 

Saturday, we went to a nearby town and stopped at a roadside stand.  Found this "UFO" squash. I've never seen one before, and it will be a delight to bake this winter. 

Sunday I went for a bike ride.  Enjoyed seeing a beaver in its regular habitat.  He was just wading along the banks of the local river.  Fabulous to see. My grandfather was a trapper all his life, as well as a farmer, and he loved nature very much.  Seeing these animals brings back memories of G'pa B. 

Found myself a fun-guy along the trail,  

as well as a reminder of those who first were here. Lovely artwork, isn't it? There are several different themes  around the area signed by the same person. 

It's very sad for me to think of those who came before and that our country's ancestors kicked off the land, by metal weapon and by the weapon of word and pen via treaties that were continually broken.  Currently, Pe' Sla has been in the news. This is the holy land to the Sioux Nation people.  It is the center of their creation story. Here is a video about the story and it's meaning.  It's an area near Rapid City/Badlands of South Dakota that is very holy to the Sioux Nations.  The people who own this land put the land up for auction. Due to the worldwide outcry over such a sale, the people have backed down from the sale currently and the Nations are trying to raise money to purchase the land should it come for sale again.  If you're interested in learning more, has information. There is also a button on the page to click if you'd like to donate.  What is horribly sad is that all of this land once belonged to the various Nations. Over time, it was taken away through broken treaties.  About twenty years ago the US Gov't wanted to try to assert its rights to the minerals underneath the Pine Ridge Reservation in southern South Dakota.    

Not any pictures of food plates this week. However, Saturday, we did have "Thanksgiving" dinner. I baked a turkey breast with fresh garden herbs baked with some white wine, red potatoes and spaghetti squash. Served with some cranberries (I've managed to find a canned variety made with cane sugar rather than HFCS or splenda!).  We had some broccoli and cauliflower as well. I have to say that spaghetti squash isn't my favorite, but it is different.  I had lunch for a few days with the left overs :-)  YUM. . . 

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