Friday, August 3, 2012

Food log

7/23/12 Today was a no run day, but I have decided to journal what I eat today.

1 Chobani Black Cherry yogurt, with chopped walnuts on top (enough to cover the top of the container), mixed in.
1 pint chocolate milk 

1 banana 

Ongoing throughout the morning, 1 20oz bottle of Throwback Pepsi, with ice to help me drink it slower. I had caffeine this weekend and need to help wean myself off it again so I don't have a migraine going on. 

A dozen or so baby carrots, dipped in some feta/dill salad dressing (no-soy). 
Left over baked potato from Applebee's with some butter and cheese (yeah, I know, I just made that an uphealthy baked potato!)
A small avocado for some good fats.
Some watermelon. Our store packs cubes of watermelon in small containers that probably would hold four cups of anything that would fill it like milk or sand, and I had half of this container.

I usually try to have protein at lunch, but I didn't want any lunch meat (had enough this weekend) and didn't have anything else readily available at the store, so just the potato, dairy, veggies and fruit.

Afternoon snack (3pm or so) a Tanka Bar-[Buffalo, cranberries, some seasoning]. These things are fabulous!, as well as a banana.

It's an evening at the night job today! (yeah?!)  Snack of Chobani, chocolate milk and then dinner. 

8/3/2012 I realized I never published the above post and, sadly, I have no idea what I ate for dinner when I got home at 8:30 that evening.  I also never realized how much dairy I really ingest.  Hmm, as I was raised a dairy farmer's daughter, I really shouldn't be surprised!

I did the Chicago Rock n Roll half marathon (July 21) as a walk with a friend.  When I got home that evening, the awesome Mike took me to Applebee's. It was sooooo good.  

Last weekend I went to my parents' to help them with some things and spend time with sisters who were home.  The dark photo is of storm clouds. It POURED in some places of the state and others not so much as a drop.  I know we really need rain in the state and most of the country, and while I LOVE seeing storms roll in, I really prefer they be when I'm not driving. . . 10pm at night, all dark and then bright white spears of lightning from the heavens. Oouch , the eyes, the eyes! 

 I went for a walk with a sister and 3 year old nephew we were watching for the day.  These cracks in the trail were about 1/3 of an inch wide. I can only sadly imagine what the earth base of the fertile fields of America looks like.  Below is a photo of some corn in my area.  It's near enough to the river, in 2008 it was four or five feet under water.  This year, it is suffering for a different reason. The first ten rows of corn are knocked over by weight of the stalk, I suppose, by the drought. The  rows in from that at least have tassels on the stalks, but they are so pathetic, the leaves are drawn in  so much they resemble a straw instead of a mighty and gorgeous leafed plant, such as corn. 

One thing I learned with nephews is to put up anything, including camelbaks holding 1.5 liters of water.  For being three, he's quite the engineer.  He flipped the value to 'open' and stuck  the squiggle straw into the opening.  The "saving grace" was that my workout clothes for the next day were on the floor next to this, otherwise, mom, in her wheelchair, may have done an ice skating routine! Not much water on the floor, my sister is relieved.  Note to self: never leave a camelbak near a child of any age!

Dad gave me some fresh garden tomatoes (which is good, since my three plants have produced *very* little).  This is my lunch at work this past Monday. I'm working on getting more veggies into my diet. The Mike is helping with this, as he wants more veggie tray veggies on hand in the fridge. 
Sadly, this isn't how I eat all the time. I wish it was. Last night we had home-made nachos with guacamole and fresh tomatoes. Wednesday we had take out from the local Mexican place that is similar to a Qdobo/Chipolte. It's close to Aveda salon and it's fairly good for us.(until you add the cheese and sour cream!).  Mike had the burrito, it weighed in at 1.2 pounds. I'm always amazed they can wrap these things up!  Last weekend he had one when I was out of town. He said it was about 2 pounds! and the woman couldn't get it wrapped up well.  I had the steak salad (lettuce, steak, some cheese, a little rice, and then I added guac and sour cream at home).  

 Wednesday I went for a run.  I went off the regular paved trail and to the mowed path.  Down a ways and then back, since I'm not sure where exactly it goes (I did the snowshoe event in January, but can't recall the exact path). On my return to the paved trail I noticed something that wasn't there before. FOUR deer. Two gorgeous creatures with full antlers and a couple others as well.  Normally these animals scatter before I can even get my cell phone camera out of the pouch. This day, I managed to snag a picture of an aging fawn (still had its spots, but not a baby by any means) and a mile down the path I found these beauties.  

 This morning I went for a bike ride. Oooh, it felt so good to get out and ride!  One of these days I need to take a picture of the river with its rocks showing.  Today I got this picture of backwater of the river. Last fall there were beavers felling trees. This spring there was water and fish and now, just at the beginning of August, we have vegetation growing.  It's amazing how this cycle happens, seemingly every twenty to twenty-five years.

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