Sunday, January 25, 2015

Treadmill, linner, and nails

It snowed overnight,  enough to be annoying since yesterday was about 50 in the state cap, and it cooled overnight, It was 24 today.  The Mike was supposed to do a LONG ride today which turned into roller time in the basement.  I got on the treadmill and put in a 5k...although I did just fast walk today.
The beautiful state cap building on a gorgeous January day.
Also, filed under #WhatWasIThinking, Friday after my treadmill walk/run I decided to be "so brilliant" and head over to the gym for weight lifting.  I had a blast doing it. So proud of my body and then yesterday I was a little sore and this morning my body didn't want to move. Lol.  Epsom Salt bath later on to ease the muscles.

After the treadmill time I made Linner for The Mike and myself.   Linner--the lunch/dinner timeframe :-) . Tuna fish salad on top of mixed greens with a side of apples.
Tonight, I'm making the nails "sittin' pretty" with Essie gluten free nail polish.  Almost all my nail colors are purple for pancreatic cancer awareness!  I tried to get in for a pedicure at several salons yesterday in the cap city, but it was not to be.  
Painted toenails in preparation of skin biopsy tomorrow.

Tuna Fish Salad: 

1 can tuna, drained (juice =cat treat)   
                  I use Trader Joe's since it's tuna, salt, water and no soy/vegetable broth  
1 diced green onion (or a small amount of regular onion)
2 small stalks of celery, sliced and diced   (or 1 large stalk)
1 ounce of cheese, diced into small pieces/cubes
1 T of mustard 
about 1/2 c  of mayo (I use Hellman's Canola Oil as it's free of soy and gluten)
1/2 T to 1 T of dill pickle juice 
Pepper to taste 

Place all ingredients in mixing bowl and blend and blend. 

I always chop/slice the mixed greens for a bit.  Place on plate. Place tuna fish salad atop and garnish as desired. 

What do you put in your tuna fish salad? 

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