Monday, January 26, 2015

Introducing "Super Foot", toe biopsy is complete

For about ten days now I've known about the small brown 'not normal' spot on my left ring toe. Today, Monday, is 'biopsy day'. Woot!
I had to prep for this. I tried to get a pedicure on Saturday and had no luck.  Alas, I did my own toes last night.

This morning I got in a 5k on the treadmill. Mostly walking, and listening to Good Morning America. I don't wish blizzards on anyone, but hope that the weathermen are right with the east coast hype. Two feet of snow, at once, never sounds fun to me. 

*Disclosure:  The following pictures show Betadine only, they do not show any bodily fluids where they shouldn't be located.* 

I tried to find a pair of those ugly 'big toe' socks and struck out, which was okay. It's not like I'd wear *those* things in public unless absolutely necessary!  [Those socks with the big toe slot and then the rest of it is like a mitten for the other toes.] 

I got to the doc's office and was ushered into the "procedure room" and told to strip. . .my foot and pull up the pant leg. Then I got to pretend to slide off the chair/bench/table as the nurse put the back up into a sitting position :-)  
Step 1. Bare the skin 
Step 2. Remember what it looks like:  the planet Saturn 
This is not what it looks like:  It's Betadine, a/k/a  "cleaner".  
It's clean, now it gets numbed. 
The Prep table.  
Next up, a cape for the foot. I am SuperFoot. Able to jump high and do round kicks in order to save humanity from the evils of athlete's foot.  
Super Foot
Checking numbness: 
The tweezers were used next, to pinch my skin and make sure I couldn't feel anything.  It was weird having the foot feel like the gums/jaw when the dentist is doing big work. 

The Super Foot's cape is still only tinged by Betadine!   
The green instrument is what will take a "core sample" of my Saturn friend. It basically cuts into the skin and then the doc can push on the instrument to release the sample into the solution to preserve it for transporting to the lab. 

After taking the core sample, the doc put gauze in between the toes to help stop the bleeding.When it had calmed, she put Silver Nitrate on to seal/heal the wound. Doc didn't want to put a suture in, thinking that would be worse when I moved my foot in activities. 

I held the toe space open for this since the pinky toe would otherwise wipe off the Silver Nitrate and obviously it wouldn't work well if that occurred. 

All done!   Super Foot has now gone into hiding (hopefully for good). 

While I did take in a pair of open toe sandals to wear, if needed, I was able to put on my sock and get my foot into the boots just fine.  The toes have always been a little loose in this pair of boots, which is why I chose them for today's journey. 

I had only a couple stops to make after the doc's office, two stores and the gas station. Now I'm home, it's about two hours later and my foot is starting to throb.  Glad I vacuumed before the appointment today!

The instructions are to take it easy, don't submerge in a bath or a swimming pool (not sure why anyone would go to the second with an open wound), and I specifically asked about yoga tomorrow morning and was told it'd be okay. 

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