Monday, July 21, 2014

Sometimes it's gluten and sometimes it's not. Birthday, race, and food

The last of one age group category. . .

The 12th of July I was pumped up for my last race in one age bracket.  I'd be turning a 'zero' birthday a few days later. I had my things laid out the evening before. Figured I'd ride my bike over to the race start.  Morning came and with it, rain, which was in the forecast.  I decided to still ride my bike over. Just as I was getting ready to leave the garage, a lightning bolt cracked and I said, "nope, I'm driving".  Sure, you can call me a chicken if you want :-).

The energy of the race as fabulous. It was a new event in my area, strictly a 10k. Cool weather was a plus at the start and the race followed the recreational trails in the area. This meant we went through tree lined areas. During the hot summer months it normally is grand. During mosquito infested times with no breeze and humidity, it is not.  I finished in 1:09:42 which was better than my first ever 10K, but I know it's not my best time. It's hard to get the mind around, "I was faster than this four years ago, but I haven't been in that position for four years. THIS is you NOW."  It's a mantra I repeat often. THIS is me NOW.  I cannot compare myself to what I did before, if my health has changed, or I got a bug or something, and no one else can either. Plus, I like to think mom was watching over me and the race. The finish time numbers correlate to her.

My "zero" birthday cake
Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix, two 8" rounds,
with Hershey s'mores palm oil/gluten free icing 
This past weekend I went to a county fair --you can take the gal off the farm, but she will still be a farm girl at heart.  I loved seeing the bovines (cows/steers), the chickens and rabbits, but the goats make me laugh. 

Goats living up to the reputation of trying to nibble anything.
Saturday morning I was up with the birds and sun. Headed out for a short run.  This was near my turn around spot. I will never understand how people say they could never live in the country.  The colors of the sky were even better in person. 

Old fence piece left from cattle days. 
Saturday breakfast was King Arthur GF pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon.  I realize as I write this that we didn't have any fruit on the table!  The nieces and nephews (and brother in laws) got Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls that my sis made.  WHY can't those things be made gluten free? 

Lunch was a catered event, a family reunion, and I had fruit!--ha ha.  Roast beast(GF), steamed veggies (GF), and a fruit platter (GF). Very delicious, though I wanted a bit of that hashbrown cheesy gluten dish!  

After chatting with family for a few hours and playing with the niece and nephews, I was out of energy.

Sometimes it isn't gluten. . .  

Headed to dad's to rest for a bit and then went back to town for dinner with the siblings. I had the Fajitas Hawaiian and am not sure what was the issue, but something was later that night.  I didn't double check the tortillas if they were corn or wheat, but usually gluten hits me 24 hours later, soy within 30 minutes, but this was a few hours later.  It might have been the chorizo, it might have been the oil used, it might have been the greasy food, it might have been. . . . The hardest thing for us to figure out what we ate is when we don't know how it was prepared.  I was dehydrated, but otherwise feeling fine and no issues besides that hour block there and a bit in the morning, so it definitely wasn't gluten (which for me is three days of torture).  It might have been the oil or the fat content of the dish.  

The first of a new age group category. 

Sunday morning came and with it SUNSHINE again.  My siblings and I decided to do the 5k/10k in a nearby county.  About 30 people started and most were not from the immediate area--which we found interesting/funny.  At the start, I was walking with one down the few blocks of main street until the crushed limestone trail came into view. Then I ran off to try to catch the other sibling--I did. She had knee surgery a few months ago and is suppose to be taking it easy.  I did stay with her, and figured this was a fun run event, not a race really, though it was to be my first race after turning the 'zero' birthday. [I figured it was okay to take it a slow and easy this day, since I was dehydrated from the night before.] It was great to talk with the sister one on one and once her knee got use to the rhythm again, we did run/walk the course. Time was about thirty minutes slower than last weekend, but bonding and friendship is priceless.  

Near the start of the race.

The race was followed by a luncheon grill-out at dad's, steak, salad, cukes with dill, grapes, ice cream and gf birthday cake for the dad's "zero" birthday.  

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