Thursday, August 1, 2013

Running slug zone and high zone.

Yesterday's run had me feeling down. I didn't realize I was dehydrated until the end, but my running was just quite sluggish and then my shoe started "giving me fits" which is a telling sign for me to DRINK UP (water that is). Might have been down a bit too as I had a doctor visit and they took a couple vials of good stuff from my body.  I also remembered I only had one 32 ounce Nalgene bottle during the day and usually I get at least one and a half bottles consumed.

Today when I got on the t'mill this morning for specific timed miles I wasn't sure how the workout would go. I was hoping it 'd be good. . . In order to pass the time, I set Netflix to Lara Croft Tomb Raider and had a kicking workout with the music and the thrill of the hunt :-)   On the other hand, last time I was on the t'mill, I had a giant frog stuck between the window and the screen in the window well. He was in there moving around a bit but was stuck. At the time,  I  interrupted my workout to go take the screen off so the amphibian could escape. This morning I was worried I'd have to do the same. I had an adolescent bunny rabbit get down in the window well area.  He looked a pretty lost. Then he was staring right in the window at me (which was a bit freaky) and then he hopped around a bit and streeeetched up the metal side and then finally escaped. Phew.

Now, just hoping this doctor can figure out what's up with me and the cold, tired, lethargic feeling going on for over a year!

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