Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crazy Saturday--what was I thinking?

Friday I headed to VEISHA town and spent the night with a sibling. . . not because I was going to party at VEISHA, but rather for a 5K.  My training plan had down 6 miles.  I laid out the clothing the night for the chilly temps of 25º.  Thankfully I brought my running wind jacket which I had purchased back in January for the Triple D event. Sadly, I only brought my fleece tights and not the overlayer thicker running pant.  I set out for my six mile run and had a nice route going.  As I neared the halfway mark, I had turned north and then the wind started ripping into me/through my tights across the wide open mall parking lot.  I decided to turn around and make this into an 'out and back' instead of a loop run!

I saw plenty of other runners out in the early morning, some singles and a few large groups with assorted ages.  It was great to be outside. I haven't done much outside running at all this winter. Last year I was out a lot as we had such a mild winter.  My running wasn't completely constant/at the same pace, but it was pretty darn near and that made me happy.    I got back to the house and changed my Mizuno breath long sleeve shirt for the other one of the same type, so that I wouldn't be chilled when walking the 5K.  I didn't run this add'l 3.1 miles past my coach, and maybe should have, but decided that it'd be like going shopping all day long and being on my feet that much longer!

M and I found a great parking spot near the end of the run, and then walked over to the start. It was about 30º when we started. I had printed out a few of the above 'bibs' for Boston for us and to share with other runners at the start.  M's friend J joined us as well and we all pinned on our Boston bibs. Had I been thinking clearly before my 6-miler, I would have put it on then!   A student group at the event was selling 3" pins for Boston with the proceeds going to the One Fund Boston.  We passed out the other Boston remembrance bibs to those who wanted them.  We stood around for about twenty-five minutes before the race started. . . it's always fun to see what others wear for such an event. Some were out in winter clothing, some in shorts with no leggings, one guy was basically wearing a black speedo with his bib number as a sporran. . . maybe he's part Scottish? 

I was pretty glad I wasn't running the event. J commented that it was hard to not 'take off and run' and I agreed, but as there was a hill at the start, I was glad we were just walking it together. J and I started power walking--on accident--and M had to reel us back in so we didn't take off!  At one of the first corners, the group of walkers in front of us made to 'cut the corner'. . . and I mean they were going to CUT THE CORNER.  M joked she thought I was being a real rule follower. I explained to her, and the others, that cutting the corner means walking the shortest distance on the measured course--taking the tangent. It does not mean to cut off a triangle and make a shorter distance by following a rounded sidewalk. 

We talked about current events and memories of their campus, of recently finding coins on campus which I thought would be rare any more with students and credit cards, but then I said the students at the high school dept of the comm college tend to literally throw change into the trash! As well as C's roommate who refused to pick up change, she had dropped on her own room floor, and who was moving out as we visited one weekend. That ex-roomy thought it was odd we volunteered to pick up the change on her floor. It was about $7 as we recalled and paid for the Toll Roads on our way home!

As we had not registered by the beginning of the month, we weren't given a shirt.  However, at the end, they were selling the left over shirts.  I was expecting them to be about $20--especially after I discovered the proceeds help fund a scholarship.  To my delight, the t-shirts were only $6, so of course I got one.  :-)  

After the 5K was over, we said adieu to J and we walked back to the car.  M got her family ready to go to more VEISHA events, and I packed up to go see dad. . . I'm not sure what I was thinking getting in the car after 9 miles and not much stretching, but I did.  Stiff when I got to dad's after three hours in the car and  then I got to climb the stairs and carry things down to the truck multiple times--Really, WHAT WAS I THINKING when I planned this weekend? ? 

For the drive home on Sunday, I made sure to wear my compression sleeves on the calves while I was sitting for five hours. I didn't need anything to happen on the circulation department and then the legs felt better once I got home and moving around a bit as well.  

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