Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cinnamon rolls-Take 1

I have been drooling over the Chebe facebook page whenever they post something about their cinnamon rolls, so I had to give their mix a shot. I already am in love with their pizza crust mix (already has seasonings in the crust), their Foccacia bread (which we whipped up at Thanksgiving with rice milk for gluten free & dairy free bread) and their regular/basic Chebe has became a favorite with the in-laws for holidays :-)  

The Mike arrived home from a cycling ride just after I started prepping the dough, so he was able to take these fabulous photos for me (Should I award him brownie points?) 

I put the ingredients in my food processor; however, that's not necessary. It's quite easy to mix by hand and then knead a bit.  My wrists rather prefer I don't knead, which is why I use my Kitchen-Aid processor. 

Immediately after mixing the dough
I rolled out the crust, measuring marks on the parchment paper for the size the package recommended.  Whenever an edge was going to go over that amount, I just flipped the parchment paper, folding the rolls mix on itself, and then rolled to even out the rectangle.  
Applying the butter, brown sugar, cinnamon mix. The key to cinn rolls, in my opinion/experience, is to leave a bit of the edge without the mixture so when the roll is rolled, you can pinch the dough and get the roll to seam  together.
 I put raisins in my cinnamon rolls, just a little something extra.  I didn't have any pecans on hand and that might be something to use next time. 
I used the parchment paper to start rolling the dough into the log.
(Next time, I will roll from the short end instead of the long end). 

Using a ruler, I cut each one about an inch and a quarter in size.
I think next time, I will make them a little taller, maybe two inches. 

I only have one regular muffin tin and it's a six seater, so I used my jumbo cupcake pans.  First though, I cut small circles from parchment paper to be placed at the base of each container.  

Fresh from the oven.
Next time, I will roll the dough up on the short edge rather than rolling the long edge.
This will make the rolls have more layers.
The finished product:  

After cooking (and photo session) I flipped the rolls out onto a cooling rack covered with parchment paper
Don't look at me that way, I don't want to have to clean hardened cooked brown sugar off my cooling rack!

 Verdict:  Yummy! These hit the spot for what I was craving. I stored the leftovers in a simple zipped plastic bag. They stayed moist and didn't become dry.  I believe the next time they'll stay in for just a  minute or so less in time, but I'll also be rolling them the other way to make the rolls thicker.  Amazingly, they did last more than two days at the house, even without frosting! 

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