Monday, February 18, 2013

Beautiful weekend

I was quite excited this weekend.  First, I was going home to see dad. Second, I had found a race and thought dad and I could do some bonding in the car while driving to said race.  The Mike was going to do a long ride on gravel/"B" roads and enjoy some hours with nature.  We had looked at the forecast and the temps were suppose to be in the high 40s, low 50s.  Sounds like a great weekend day, right?

We set the alarm for 5am, packed and drove to my dad's. Only one small stop along the way.  Dad was asking about the race and I could not find the sheet I had printed out. . . so we looked it up online. I knew it was in the county over the river, west of the big city.  I'm rattling off the address, the Mike's looking that up on his phone, then I say, date: "February 17" and  the Mike and dad both say, "that's tomorrow".  Crud.  I was so pepped for this race, trail run with option to do 3, 6 or 13.1 miles.  Has that ever happened to you?  I was so glad that we checked before heading over. I guess it's a good thing that I forgot that printout at my home!  I had wondered why the race didn't start until 1:30pm. If it had dawned on me that the date was Sunday I would have realized it's so everyone can do Sunday morning things and then go race!

The Mike had a brutal day on the bike. We had both packed for 40+ weather and instead it was barely 30º weather.

Instead, I went shopping with dad to the big city, my first visit to Cabela's, a stop at Trader Joe's for some basics that were on sale (their brown rice pasta is awesome. . . and cheap). My sister's family was home when we got back to the house, as was the Mike (who was trying to warm up from being in the wind for several hours).  We had a great roast that dad had prepared, Gluten Free Pantry bread mix in his brand new bread machine, and a fabulous salad. No picture taken, because we were really hungry!

Sunday, I had thought about getting up for a run before church, but didn't like the lack of daylight and the temperature at that time. Instead, dad, niece and I headed to an auction in a nearby town (which is why, of course, I couldn't do the race on Sunday, wink wink!).  We headed to the auction site, let the niece in on some auction techniques and rules (she's still young) and I headed out for a little run. It was almost 50º!!!! Gorgeous day to be out and the only down part was my MP3 player wouldn't play from the off, so it took me a few minutes to get going.
Two mile point, and a gorgeous view 

Very low river.  Farmers need the precipitation!

I got back to the auction, got my own bidding number and jumped in for some fun.  It wasn't a great auction with lots of wonders I'd want, but I did score an old crock, and we were able to purchase the sofa table niece had her eye upon for only an Abe Lincoln bill!  Actually, dad and I, as well as plenty of others, were shocked at the prices of many every day items. Many were going for just a few dollars off of brand-new cost.  Basic rule of auction buying: know your prices!

We headed back to the house, had a quick meal of salad with grilled ham and cheese on fresh breadmachine bread and then we packed up and headed back to our house.  Yoga alarm came early this morning, and the quads knows they've had a workout!


  1. I love auctions! We used to go to one about every Friday night! That's so cool! And I think it is funny that y'all had an oopsie on what day the race was. hehe

    1. Thanks, Kelsey. It was fun to be at the auction, but I was shocked at how many things were going for new/almost new prices! I still can't believe I messed up on something like the calendar! At least it was discovered before we drove the extra hour over there!