Friday, June 1, 2012

Race prep and travel. . .

The first weekend of June has a race for both The Mike and myself. A lot of miles will be put on the car, more on his bum  (200) and a few (13.1) on my feet.

The Mike has a race in the east/middle of Kansas right at the edge of the Flint Hills. (gorgeous area, a must for road trips I believe) .   The first year The Mike did this race, I drove the car to eat of the known towns, just in case he needed a ride, there was a small rodeo going on in one area, the beautiful hills and historic buildings were amazing, the town of Council Grove, (amazing history in that town, Sante Fe trail, councils with the first People, great shopping, etc).  

Last year I decided to find a foot race and I found the Hospital Hill Run, created the same year I was born (aww) and drove to KC, MO for the race--which meant I missed his race start, but did get to see him finish.   As anyone who lives anywhere knows, weather can change quickly.  2011 the weather in Kansas as hot and humid, making for a difficult (for me) run, about fifteen minutes off my game plan, but knowing that you're suppose to add time to your  projected for so much heat and humidity, plus all the hills (which I just don't train on/for) I thought I did okay.    It was a good year to do the race and finish. The finish medals of 2011, 2012 and 2013 are suppose to be really awesome, so you'd wind up with an awesome "40 year" medal for their birthday.

On the road again. . . just can't wait to get on the road again. . . 

Okay, it's not a highway photo, but it's a road :0)  

Rest stop just on inside Missouri from Iowa. . . has great scenery and a nice walking path for a break from driving. A full visitor center with a staff member to answer questions and pamphlets for any region of the state. 

Home to point A, get my race packet: 320miles. . . .and yes, that photo is not good for my natural highlights!

 Eat at Chipotle Restaurant. . . almost everything is noted as GF, except the tortilla shells.  YUM.  THe pork is the least spicy, and it still has some kick for this mouth.  This is the carnita in a "bowl", rice, pulled pork, pico, green salsa (I know it's name, I just can't spell it!), a little cheese, lettuce and guac.  YUM.

 Then travel to point B, our overnight place, another 100 miles.  Okay, no photo of the town yet!

Then Quirky gets to get up at 3 to 4am and head back the 100 miles to do her 13.1 event at 7am! Woot!

The Mike gets to get up about 4 or 5 am and read for his endurance event.

Then Quirky gets to drive 100 miles back to Point B. and wait for hubby to finish race. . . about hmmm, 9, 10pm.

Late night dining--and amazingly, for a place along I-35/I-335, the national chain restaurants are not open late. . . enter the local mom and pop place!

Sleep, sleep, sleep and then drive home the next day!  427 miles (plus more if we have time to stop and see family).

Total projected miles for the weekend:  1,047. And that's being conservative.

People have said we're nuts, even to our faces!

Last year at this time it was hot, hot, hot. Race day 2011 was about 85 degrees by 7am and full humidity (85% then and it was higher during the day).  I finished about fifteen minutes slower than I wanted to, but was glad to finish at all. Plenty of hills, heat and humidity.  I got done, freshened up, went to Crown Plaza shops, walked a bit and then found Minsky's pizza for refreshing GLUTEN FREE pizza from a real pizza place. okay, so the crust is premade, who cares, it was hot, fresh, ooey gooey cheese and what the stomach ordered.  Complete with lemon cake for dessert!  When I got back to Emporia I didn't like the look of the clouds off to the northwest and was worried. The Mike said a farmer offered him shelter in the barn and he turned it down, then the rain and hail started.  Farmers always know the weather. If a farmer offers you shelter in yucky looking cloud weather, there is a reason!  Some of the racers bailed on the race after getting soaked with rain, then hit with hail and still being far from the finish, others finished the race.

Tomorrow's forecast: SWEET!   50º for start, and upwards of 75 for the high of the day. 


  1. That is a serious weekend of travel and excitement! Hope you are having a blast!

    1. It has been a full couple of days so far! Up at three this morning, set a course PR in KC, MO for my race (more later), experienced the dining phenomenon of "it's never as good as you remember it being"