Thursday, June 14, 2012

Highs and Lows, or: The unnamed blog post.

Flag Day, a day to honor the adoption of the national flag on June 14, 1777.  For how to properly honor the flag, fold it, etc, check out .     I'm a pretty patriotic person...I think most people are.  Last Saturday I drove to a meeting and back again and saw two separate conveys. The little kid in me came out and I had to wave to them all as they went about their training. 

As I headed back into town I stopped at Target for some quick buys with a stop at the ladies room first. Good thing I wasn't having any Celiac contaminated moments. Only ONE bathroom was "in order". No rush, but I found that odd. . . then I wondered if this is the new 'we're short staffed so we don't have time to clean". I thought it was rather interesting to have 3/4 of the facilities out of order.

Yesterday I spied this gorgeous (restored?) vehicle. The license plate said it was a 1937, meaning it was created and sold at a time when the country and world were working their way out of a great depression. . . I wonder if any cars or trucks manufactured today will ever be considered classics (we have such a  society of  that loves to use disposable items. Are any vehicles today marketed/built to last more than ten of twenty  years?

Tuesday I went for the morning run. Had a set thing to do, with a total of six miles, so I ran a loop I haven't done for a while.  I'm totally enjoying my new gadget/training tool-- the MotoActv all in one mp3 player, heart rate, gps, etc. It's AWESOME.  We picked it up at the Hospital Hill Expo. The Mike's been looking at it, reading reviews, etc. The sales woman started talking about it and I was in LOVE! All these tools in one gadget? Sign me up!  I ran with it in the race, though only for the MP3 part, not for a training tool of any sort. Every thirty minutes the computer would come on and remind me to drink, or to make sure I was upright, tell me the mileage, how far into my goal (plugged in 13.1 for the race) I was, etc.  The computer came on and said the mileage, which was under 2 miles to the finish, and I was pumped from that and knowing I was sooo close to being finished.  Can you tell I love this thing?  Tuesday I was out with it and it was saying something to the effect of, 'if you keep up this pace, you'll run your fastest mile to date'.  'remember to keep your pace steady' and things of that nature.

I didn't stop for any photos until the last mile. I came around the corner and started up the incline when I spied two deer in the distance. I pulled out the phone for the camera, but by the time that was accomplished the doe and her fawn were gone.  I grabbed a great ray of sunshine in this daisy though:

Yesterday as I came home from yoga I spied two more deer, different road, different deer (since these were both adults) and managed to power down before they got spooked (T intersection, it would have been bad if they were spooked into traffic).

Last night I thought turkey sounded  pretty good, so I baked up a turkey breast in a foil packet with some sage and thyme and put in a small butternut squash as well. . .

It was good, but I realized I didn't have any cranberries on hand, nor did I have any chicken or turkey broth. Mike put some BBQ sauce on his turkey. I put a little mustard on mine.  I also boiled up some Yukon Gold potatoes and mashed them with a little butter and milk.

Not the most enthusiastic or fabulous dinner, but it was good and nutritious :)

The Mike was craving some sugar, so I made up some of the all time best brownies: Gluten Free Pantry --even non-Celiacs LOVE these brownies. Great brownies. .. not the best thing to have before bed with a morning run.  I was sluggish this morning, partially from being a little dehydrated and partially from sugar before bed. . . but then I look at the daisy photo above and everything is rays of sunshine :)

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