Thursday, March 2, 2017

Make ahead meals

Earlier this week I found a recipe for a prosciutto covered pork loin roast in a Hy-Vee grocery store Seasons magazine. I had left over prosciutto in the refrigerator and decided to try it. Fareway had a 2.5# pork loin roast on hand and I cut it half, freezing part for another day.  
Prosciutto covered pork loin, tied with cotton twine
Cabbage and cherry topped with sliced pork loin roast
Instead of serving up the side they suggested, I used Ellie Krieger's Weeknight Wonders cookbook,  cherry and cabbage recipe which she paired in her cookbook with a pork tenderloin. The sweet potato I had baking at the same time as the roast wasn't done in time for dinner. It was a HUGE sweet potato.  That was okay, we'll have it later in the week!

This weekend I'm heading out of town for Little Rock to spend a weekend with a sibling and walk the half. I really want to run the full one day--it has a medal about as wide as my chest. For now, I'll settle for walking thirteen point one and having that future goal.  Since I'm leaving The Mike for the weekend, I am making him up reheatable meals. Serves several purposes:  1. He has a home cooked meal when he wants; 2. He is getting pronounceable ingredients; 3. He says it's better than buying a spendy lunch at work.  (psst, I still expect he'll get something from Caseys this weekend--a tenderloin or pizza). In asking what he wanted for meals, he said 'hot pockets'.  Hmmm, I thought I had made something like this before but couldn't find a recipe in my books. Then I looked at Chebe's website and couldn't find a recipe.   Thus, I had asked Chebe on FB for a hot pocket recipe. I had seen one before, but when I looked at the webpage I was coming up empty.  They suggested this recipe  by Simply Gluten Free.
Mexican Lasagna:  Layers of Frontera enchilada sauce, corn tortillas cut to size, refried black beans, ground beef, corn, cheese.  Bake at 350 for about half an hour. Cool and top with a little cheese.

A new recipe The Mike thought sounded good was a Cornbread jalapeno chili one out of a cookbook I purchased from my old yoga place.  I made half the recipe and it looked fabulous when done.
Cornbread with jalapeno and cottage cheese (interesting!) on bottom and top, in the middle is beef, kidney beans, black beans, salsa.  

The recipe Chebe sent me suggested to cut the dough into six pieces. I think next time, I'd do longer, skinnier pieces, so I could just fold over and have three seams instead of four.
Pepperoni and cheese, Ham and cheese, and Broccoli Chicken and cheese. 
My crimping job wasn't too bad. I tried to do a couple like a pie and it didn't work out well. I then just decided to use a fork--worked perfectly!
 Finished items:
Cornbread chili 

Hot pockets 
All labeled and ready for the refrigerator.

I did put the hot pockets on a cooling rack to cool completely, then wrapped each in a piece of parchment paper in order to make handling/reheating a bit easier.  Put each inside a ziploc bag. I hope The Mike enjoys the hotpockets. I wanted to make more to take with me, but that's not the best since I'll be flying.  I have Mama Chia fruit packets, a couple wrapped eggs, Chobani, string cheese, and Tanka bars!

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