Sunday, November 1, 2015

Travel and Expo fun!

In prepping for the marathon I started to pack just the day before because 'hey, why not' right?   The Mike had some extra tyvek like wrap around the house and so I made a sign to wear on my back while running the marathon. The front side of my shirt said "This is my cancer fighting shirt" which I got originally for mom's pancreatic cancer but it has grown to so much more than that.  
Heading to the airport was pretty calm. I headed out early, then had to drive home to get my fitletic hydration waist belt, which I then left in the car at the airport.  
I love this sculpture at the airport and try to take a pic of it every time I'm there.  The big statues of people look so happy :-)  

At the Detroit airport I found my gate and then waited. I loved this end of the terminal with the modern furniture and green wall (fresh plants).  
I got into DC around 7 and headed to my lodging (aka sister's).  She had dinner waiting for me (YEAH!), good conversation and a comfortable bed.
The next day she dropped me at the Metro and told me to find my own way to the expo. Fine, the only true part there is she kindly dropped me at the Metro on her way to work.  I kept thinking it was Thursday, which didn't help things.  I sort of wished I'd be early enough to get one of the "Banner Bags" the Marine Corps Marathon people had been talking about on FB and twitter, but I realistically knew that wasn't really going to happen. I was probably 120 in line. The first 40 got one of the bags. Then I chatted it up with some people around me, and they'd run this race multiple times. I get wanting to run a race you like a lot, but I also know there are SO many races on my list that unless it's a local one to where I live it's a one and done for me.  Plus, there are so many people who want to get into this race that I wouldn't want to take someone else's opportunity to run it. While waiting for the race to start some official person handed out the race coins. Only so many are handed out and I was able to get one thanks to the folks I'd been talking to around me. They got them and distributed them.
Expo starts with the Marine Corps Band playing and then the mascots helping to officially open the festivities. I thought the expo location was a great one this year. I only wish there was a giant screen hanging from the top so we could see what was going on at the expo start line. I actually asked a tall guy in front of me to take this picture. :-) 

After making my way through the Brooks Running items, to get a beer glass, pin, stickers, and christmas ornament I waited about forty minutes in line and then headed into the expo.  I was following the Marine Corps Marathon on twitter so I could try to win a Banner Bag in there.  I missed out on the first tweet which happened about two minutes after the expo opened. The next came about forty minutes later and I had just missed it, so I decided "I have nothing else to do today except shop, return something to Athleta, so let's hangout here".  I was really thinking another chance would only be half an hour away.

In the meantime, I had fun at the expo.
Some people tease that they need the 0.0 sticker for their cars. I think the 0.1 beer ones are funnier. 

I got to see the GEICO gecko. . . 
                             as we were told in Hawai'i, one must be careful of the green geckos-->
they talk.  :-)  
Could I possibly get any more bags to hold?  What was I thinking!? 
Walking around the expo, I saw a woman with a bib sack/race shirt with two walking boots and crutches and another with a single walking boot.  I enjoyed the Marine Corps Band as well.elt I had to buy because mine was in the car at the airport!  
 I enjoyed listening to them here (I recorded this and have that on my FB page), and then sat down to reorganize the items I had purchased and picked up at the expo.  Including the new Fitletic hydration.

After I organized my bag and purchases, I saw the band go by to the left. A little after that my phone buzzed and I saw the tweet from Marine Marathon---
---first three to dance with the band got a banner bag!!!
I was #3  :-)  
The guy in red was a Marine and said he's going into the Air Force shortly.  I sat down to go through my goodie bag (and organize it) and he and his wife came over to do the same. I'm not sure why she didn't go up to be #3!   
All sorts of freebies in the banner bag. 
I was SO excited. My sister even more so, since she ended up with a lot of the stuff!  
I kept the free photo collage, Cliff coupon (which The Mike will enjoy), Dunkin' Donuts (one *just* opened in my town and I love their hot chocolate), a bottle of some sort of body scrub, and the free Brooks shoes. There's also a seat cover (but hey, we have leather seats as they're easy to clean), Cliff socks that hubby will enjoy, and the Runner's World Runner's Field Manual which I've been wanting to acquire!  
My sister got:  The sport towel, Silver Diner  and Wegman's gift cards, and the football tickets.  She really wanted the Dunkin' Donuts one too. MINE!   

Part of my schwag :-) 

After I won the bag I headed out to run my other 'to do' list.
At this point it was 1. Get Food; 2. Athleta.

I took the metro alllll the way to Tysons Corner mall area and enjoyed seeing a Maserati in the mall on display.  I shopped until I was sure I'd drop, relaxed in the chairs by the firepit outdoors and read my Kindle, then shopped some more when my sister (ride) arrived.  
17,206, not bad for a day at the expo and shopping!   

The next day we headed out to shop again, looking for a great dress to wear to a Gala fundraiser for Indian Girls' education.

For lunch we stopped at Bobby's Burger Palace, owned by Bobby Flay. It reminded me of a Whataburger in movies.  I guess I was expecting a little more Burger Bar.  Great food though and that's what counts!  While I wanted the blue cheese burger my sister got, I decided I better order something different and went with the "brunch" burger: Bacon, egg, and beef.  
Their fries are cooked in Canola oil in a dedicated fryer, per the manager on the last part, the cashier pulled out the allergy guide so I could see they use the canola oil. French fries it is!!!!  
This was a small order of fries. It was probably 3 cups and definitely good for sharing with someone!  The sauce it comes with is mayo based (also known as soy), so I abstained from that.  
Good for the Gala and for wearing later!
(Purple of course, for Pancreatic Cancer awareness :-) )  

We had henna done at the Gala, as well as enjoyed learning more about the school, and saw some dancing too.  
Easy day today:  Less than 8100 steps!  

Early to bed (ha ha) and up at 4 for the marathon.  

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