Saturday, April 12, 2014

Time flies and then it is spring!

Where has the time gone?   First it was freezing, then snowing, and now it's spring and the thunderstorm is rolling in.

A 5k finished off March and brought in my 2014 race year.  35 minutes by my watch, which is pretty good, in my opinion, for not having had a good 2013 race/fitness year.  Last year I gained weight, clothing size because I was cold and tired all the time (since August of 2011, but it really caught up to me last year).  My muscles felt like I had run 10 miles after running 3 miles.

My friend Carla and I ran this March 5k last year too. It is a fabulous one just north of Iowa City, great atmosphere and course. This year, the course was moved west a little bit and was mostly flat. I don't remember the chip timing aspect of the race last year, but we selected to run the 5k, instead of just walk, and we had chips, but everyone was a 'gun start'.  I am so glad I started my watch when I crossed and finished. It was 35 min exactly.  Pretty fun.

April brought with it the Fools 5k, which is a fun local race where costumes are appreciated.  My friend Stacia came over for the event. She's just starting on the 5k path.  She did one last year "with me" wherein I ran a half and she walked the 5k that was held (hilly 5k too).  This year we walked the 5k together with her 5 year old.  We came in a few minutes under an hour. Considering it was 29degrees at the start and got up to about 40 for the event, it was a perfect day!

Today I was suppose to do a 5k with my sister, but due to immature party folks the events for the whole week were canceled.  I still don't understand how people work together in a mob---how do ten drunk guys decide to topple a car?  Does one drunk guy lean against a car, start it rocking and then say, "uh, hey, we uh, we uh, we should flip this over, like a cow!"   It doesn't make sense to me, nor why one would consider it fun when drunk or sober, and I believe no one does something drunk that they'd never do when sober. Drinking releases inhibitions, it doesn't make a person change.

Instead, I spent today working in the yard by trimming and cutting out some bushes on the property. Pretty sure my glutes and hamstrings are going to scream at me tomorrow when I do my long run!  

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