Saturday, January 11, 2014

Breakfast tacos

This morning we were in a conundrum.  No milk for baking some GF donuts (of which the mix has been in the pantry for a few months, but the donut pan was just purchased). Yesterday after leaving work my focus was on getting home in the 32 degree weather with spitting rain (read: icy roads). I now know why so many people make a run on the grocery store...they can't remember what they have at home!

Last night I used the last of the milk for the Bisquick GF pancake mix.  This morning there is some ice on the car, driveway and roads and having milk doesn't seem that necessary!  I do have hemp milk for my smoothies, but I'm not adventurous to use that in breads for a first time recipe. 

Instead, this morning we had breakfast tacos with our new taco holders.

Scrambled eggs, Jimmy Dean sausage (the beige package which is MSG and preservative free) and then built upon heated corn shells which was accomplished using the nonstick skillet with a quick swipe of olive oil.

Order of the build:

Corn shells with a bit of cheese to make the sausage stick.
Cooked sausage
Scrambled eggs
Diced scallions/green onions
Chopped cilantro
Sliced cherry tomatoes

Then the hubby put mustard top of his and I thought that sounded good, so I did the same.

Wow. So great. Nice to eat soft shell tacos in the house at the table and not the kitchen counter! The tacos stayed warm and didn't get cold, which was a worry of mine on the metal taco holders.
The mustard was a flavorful compliment.

Definitely a meal to repeat.

Dinner will be something other than eggs.  I'm looking at a beef stew in the crockpot!

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