Monday, June 10, 2013

Food review-Steak Fajita bowl

I ran into Target and while browsing the frozen food section for the Perdue Chicken Strips I had purchased there, I discovered two shelves of these items in the frozen food.  .  . with a nice sign that said GLUTEN FREE.  Not having anything figured out for lunch, I decided to go ahead and get one and see what it's about. ..I chose the steak.   love of evol (as it says on the receipt). I don't know which it is. 

Though, as you can see, there are plenty of  options that are gluten free, even burritos (maybe next time I'll get one of these).  The steak bowl only had 'milk' listed as an allergen, not gluten and not soy, so I grabbed it. 

I was so ecstatic at finding a healthy lunchtime buy that was gluten and soy free, that I didn't even look at the nutrition facts in the store (OOPS). 
20 grams of fat.  EEK.  31%.  I figure that cheese stick I had for breakfast was probably not helpful today in terms of fat grams. 
The microwave directions said to slice the plastic one inch, then nuke it for 4 minutes. Okay, Okay, it just said 'microwave' not 'nuke'.

The last couple minutes were hard while it was cooking, as the fragrance started filling the kitchen!   
After microwaving.  
I wished I had guacamole to go with; I didn't, but I did have an avocado (yeah!)  

Good flavor, though a bit of the clean oil taste from olive oil.  They probably put more in to ensure it won't stick to the biodegradable bowl.   I'm not too keen on a large quantity of beans, I generally don't eat them, or only put 1/2 can of them in chili, etc and let The Mike add more if he wants.  (Why don't canneries sell 'individual' sizes of beans?) 

So, great flavor, enough steak to be a happy quantity. Could, in my opinion, use more rice. It is flavored with cilantro.  The rice and beans were mixed together and then the steak, red and green peppers were on top. There was a small amount of cheese in there--you could see it before it was microwaved.  

Amount of beans left over, and some of the olive oil left in the bowl
Would I buy this again?  Yes. 
Good value?  Yes.  Regularly $3.99, I got it for $3.

I might even buy some for the freezer for 'go to' meals  like those horrible weeks when you have so much going on, you just don't have time to prep/cook meals. 

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