Friday, January 18, 2013

Crazy runner or crazy weather?

I haven't gotten back on the horse, or the treadmill rather, for any meaningful runs in this new year.   

Now, I'm starting to panic a little.  We signed up for the Triple D which is this coming Sunday.  The snow bike portion goes through three towns which start with D, hence the name. The run is a half marathon run on a former railroad bed trail system with wooden bridges. Last year I did this as a fun run and it was great in that it wasn't as bad as I was frantically anticipating.  I took pictures of the scenery, the bald eagles, I walked on the wooden bridges instead of worrying about slipping and sliding on the frost. Did I mention we only had a scant 2" of snow last year and it happened the week before the race? Turned out the snow wasn't bad, since it only was deep in a few places along the protected trail.  

THIS year, however, the forecast is not very nice three days out. We don't have much snow left on the roads now from eight inches we received before Christmas. However, the high is suppose to be 20, the low 3 and  strong winds are being called for as well.  I know most of the course is protected by limestone walls and trees, but there are several areas of openness  where the body would get wind exposed. 

What to wear, what to wear, what to wear. . . and I'm not even worried about a date!  

How to keep the feet warm? 

How to keep ME warm?


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