Saturday, September 22, 2012

Easy peasy chicken

A few weeks ago (okay 8/31) I posted how the Mike and I stopped at a road side stand and bought some squash, some I'd never seen before.  This was one of those squash.

Before it was cooked, it looked like a toy "top" that is spun and was about eight inches high (minus the top and bottom points).   After it cooked, the bottom sunk into it. I placed it on parchment paper before cutting open, so the sticky juices would be easy to clean.  The flesh was only about an inch to inch and half thick, and the seeds were quite large, like a pumpkin.   I sliced it open as in the photo, cleaned out the seeds and scooped out the yellow flesh. I thought it might end up tasting like a butternut squash; however even though it looked like a butternut squash, it tasted like a spaghetti squash to me--not much flavor at all; (real seal) butter and brown sugar to the rescue!

Friday I had some chicken breasts to use (Smart Chicken brand) and made this easy dish with some brown rice to serve with it.

Easy Chicken
Olive oil
1 canned diced tomatoes
2 chicken breasts
Italian seasoning (basil, garlic, oregano)

I like to use the Smart Chicken brand as the chicken is more tender and easier to flatten. I placed each chicken breast between in sheets of plastic wrap and parchment paper and then pounded them until they were more even in thickness, about one-fourth an inch. I peppered the side showing.  

I then heated my skillet, added a little bit of olive oil to it (just enough to gently cover the base layer), heated  some more.   Then  put in the skillet, peppered the up-side,  cooked through one side, flipped and added the can of diced tomatoes and tossed on some garlic, and the Italian seasoning I had on hand. I also added salt since I buy no-salt canned tomatoes.  Then I covered the skillet and ignored it for about eight more minutes or so.

Since the Mike wasn't quite home yet, I turned the burner off and left the dish covered. I tossed some cauliflower and broccoli together and microwaved on the fresh veggie setting and then served as above.

YUM and easy!  Sprinkle a little shredded Parmasean cheese and parsley on top or some breadcrumbs for a little something if you'd like.

(Sometimes I feel like I should have different colored plates for my food, but I really like these plates and I've only seen them in off white or black)

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